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Create lists of behaviors to determine what good leadership looks like in your organization

Create lists of behaviors to determine what good leadership looks like in your organization.

This can be done in one of three ways as mentioned above: interviews, strategic planning sessions, or selecting behaviors from competencies known to be important.

Use the following guidelines to group common behaviors and name them. These will be your leadership competencies.

  • Competency names should be as specific as possible.
  • They should also be a noun (e.g., delegation) or a gerund (e.g., listening).
  • Names should be easily understood, so avoid jargon and ambiguous words with more than one meaning.
  • Use adjectives to clarify ambiguous nouns (e.g., disciplined management).

Finally, define the competencies.

  • Competency definitions, as with competency names, should be unambiguous and specific.  Use complete sentences when writing definitions, and avoid jargon and abbreviations.  Also, a competency should be observable.  Your competency definition should specify the “what” and the “why.”  For example, a definition of active listening should include the what: “Communicating and clarifying understanding, and eliciting information using both active and passive behaviors,” and the why: “In order to engage others, make people feel heard, and gather information.”  Using these parts, active listening would then be defined as “Communicating and clarifying understanding, and eliciting information using both active and passive behaviors, in order to engage others, make people feel heard, and gather information.” If you find the competency you have created is not observable through leader behaviors, it is likely that you have created a meta-competency – a larger pattern of behavior made up of a set of related competencies.

Once you have created a competency model for your organization, the next step is to think about systems you can put in place to ensure organizational leaders are supporting the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy through effective use of these competencies.  Four levers to use are selection, assessment, rewards and recognition, and leadership development, an essential tool to support these activities is 360 feedback.  For more information visit

To become successful with an online business enterprise, it is necessary that you overtake your competition

To become successful with an online business enterprise, it is necessary that you overtake your competition. It is no longer possible to sell an exclusive and unique product that no one else has and everyone wants. This means that you will face plenty of competition on the online market and hence you should customize your website and offering to be unique enough to draw in traffic.

The key to every online business enterprise is traffic. The more visitors that come to your website the better your chances are of making a sale or increasing your downline.

So how do you secure more traffic? And how do you manage to retain the customers that you do gain? The answer is rather a simple matter once you understand it. All you need to do is position yourself as a leader in your field.

To accomplish this, you must utilize the best marketing strategies on the internet to promote your product. Your content has to be targeted at relevant demographics and every advertising medium should be taken advantage of. It is highly necessary that you do your best to draw in traffic.

Once you pull in traffic, you should do your best to close the sale or secure the customer according to your business objective. Ensure that your products are optimally promoted and that your site encourages users to make a purchase or sign up. Ensure that your content is not over the top and flowery and instead is realistic and clear.

If you are into MLM marketing or network marketing, it is necessary to mark yourself out as a leader to be followed. In addition to backing a string product, people respond to strong leaders and people that they believe will get them places. Motivate those under and above you to push forward and build the business.

If you are into network marketing, research the key skills that are necessary to do successful marketing and inculcate it within yourself. You should then conduct training camps or workshops to teach your staff and employees.

Always be on top when it comes to knowing internet offerings and use free online advertising mediums to promote yourself without wasting your funds.

If you have a strong web presence you will appear more believable and are likely to attract more followers and customers.

Dance coaching model www


DANCE model, propounded by The Orange Academy has been one of the most powerful models towards bringing deep-seated changes in an individual. The model by definition epitomizes innovation, fun, coordination, physical dexterity and also gives an individual the zest to move ahead, step by step.

The numerous results of this model has been very inspiring, both for the coach and the coached

In the DANCE model, we look at a step-by-step process that would help individuals experience the transition from awareness level to levels of immense performance and satisfaction.

An overview of the DANCE model –

 DISCOVERY: It becomes impossible for us (the coach and the coached) to have a fruitful outcome of the coaching session, if we do not make great effort in having clarity on the needs and expectations of the client. Therefore, in this session, we become very clear of the purpose of the session. This is the session when both the coached and the coach sit together and discover the facets of the cube that the client wants and needs to work upon.

 This is a step-by-step progress and thereby has been broken down into sub phases – mining, defining and refining. The Discovery session gives the one being coached the understanding of the process of coaching and also makes them concretize on their goals for coaching.

 AWARENESS: This step deals with facilitating the self awareness levels of the coached through a series of high gain questions and world class psychometric tests. This aids the coached to understand their dilemmas much better and thereby helps them walk towards positive transition in an enlightened and focused manner. Awareness sessions are customized to suite the needs of the organization and the individual.

 NEW STRATEGY: The second step looked at, the coached and the coach move towards strategizing the path to achieving goals. This progression assists the coached to refine their strategies and propels them towards to well prioritized goals and clear action points. Strategy session helps the coached to create a balance scorecard to prioritize their goals and a dashboard to monitor everyday achievement.

 COMBAT: At this step, the coached launches definitive action towards progress and witnesses drastic changes by taking huge action and also learns through personal insights. Combat is about taking huge action, in the direction of the goals set in during earlier steps.

 ELEVATE AND ACKNOWLEDGE: All the steps completed, the coached individual elevates to a different level altogether and starts harnessing his potential towards greater heights of achievement. In the process of progress, the individual celebrates success and also makes it a point to acknowledge the organization and team through better performance and relationships.

Contact The Orange Academy

The Orange Academy is one of the front runners of executive coaching in India. The organization has in its fold world class coaches with sizeable experience and insights at the leadership levels. Their expertise gives The Orange Academy an edge to provide the best of coaching results. The academy endeavors to bring about positive behavioral changes in as many individuals as possible, thereby assisting in their overall growth. This in turn would contribute significantly to the growth of the organization.

The Orange Academy offers executive coaching, life coaching and cross cultural coaching in India and abroad. It also assists budding coaching professionals refine their skills through a coach mentoring program brought by accredited coaches of international repute.

For further information and understanding on our coaching process and our coaches, please do feel free to contact at or visit us at

This article discusses how the generalist ceo will give way to specialist ceos in the companies of the future

This article discusses how the generalist CEO will give way to specialist CEOs in the companies of the future. As the perfect CEO, who is good at everything, will be a rare entity, companies should instead look for CEOs with deep expertise in one or two areas with enough knowledge to build a high performing supporting team. The author has described five specialist CEO types. The Brain will be a CEO who is an expert engineer, innovator, and can help lead R&D teams. The Ambassador will be a well-traveled CEO, having made visits to the leading and developing economies of the world. The Dealmaker will be an expert in mergers and acquisitions. The Conductor will be required to increase collaboration between corporate units and to help promote teamwork. The Casting Agent will be a CEO who can employ, retain and deploy the best people in the company, in short – assemble an all star team.

Future companies may have more than one CEO – each a specialist in his/her field. In the studies of leadership, the big five personality framework – extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience – are considered to be traits of an effective leader. Here, instead of searching for a single leader with all leadership qualities, we are searching for different leaders excelling in at least one of the qualities. If we implement this format, it will bring about changes in the studies on leadership and organizational behavior. Along with studying relationships between the CEO and his/her employees, we will also have to study the inter-personal relationships between the different CEOs of the same company handling different jobs yet working together to head the company.

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