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Leadership responsibilities concerning drugs and alcohol there are issues concerning drugs and alcohol so frequently that it is in the best interest of any organization to provide frequent training to everyone in a leadership position on how to recognize abuse

Leadership Responsibilities Concerning Drugs and Alcohol

There are issues concerning drugs and alcohol so frequently that it is in the best interest of any organization to provide frequent training to everyone in a leadership position on how to recognize abuse.

Leaders have to be trained to recognize drug and alcohol abuse to protect the organization, team morale and welfare of everyone to include customers. It’s not as easy as smelling alcohol or observing someone acting abnormal, there are definite symptoms but they can only be recognized through proper training.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in this subject but I assure you that the training I received saved me a lot of time and effort putting up with lies and BS. The abusers are excellent liars and have mastered how to fool anyone that doesn’t understand their symptoms.

I had an individual I was mentoring that was respected by everyone, I was shocked along with everyone else when it was discovered this individual was a drug dealer. This person’s knowledge, professionalism and leadership skills were superior to anyone with their experience level. I refused to believe it at first but was shown a video of a drug sale.

I used this experience to train my leadership team that drugs and alcohol are so powerful that it can control people of exceptional abilities and talent. Unfortunately these diseases can take control of people of all levels to include the highest level of leadership.

If through training you can detect them early enough there are programs that can help your team members and allow them to have a productive and successful career. It requires a great amount of understanding and empathy to help them.

I have had thousands that received help and were successful and hundred that went to treatment and never bought into the program and we had to release them. It is a leader’s responsibility with proper training to recognize these diseases and to take appropriate action.

More than 12 million people in the united states are involved in direct selling every day

More than 12 million people in the United States are involved in direct selling every day. And, almost 74 percent of these people are women. So it should be no surprise that there are organizations specifically dedicated to, created by, and operated for women involved in the business of direct selling. One of these organizations is a Direct Selling Women’s Alliance (DSWA).

Providing a Global Connection

The DSWA aims to connect and unite sellers sharing a common goal for achieving personal and financial success, that just happen to be women. The DSWA provides a source for the latest direct selling information, support, resources, and networking through a membership-based organization. Women throughout the world have the opportunity to call upon the experiences of other women that will help them successfully conduct a direct selling business.

Presently, this association serves more than 59 million direct selling professionals throughout the world. These numbers are associated with thousands of different direct selling companies that enjoy combined annual revenue of more than $109 billion. According to the organization’s mission statement, DSWA is dedicated toward supporting individual direct sellers in their efforts toward building home based businesses.

Lots of Membership Benefits

DSWA states that it recognizes a growing desire for people to find a home-based business that is flexible, offering a great degree of independence, as well as providing a sound and growing financial basis. One of the benefits from membership in the organization is receiving the group’s best-selling book, Build it Big: 101 Insider Secrets from Top Direct Selling Experts.

The book, the organization claims, offers a one-stop source for practical advice, insights, and the development of their direct selling skills that will advance its reader toward greater financial results. Additionally, the organization offers weekly tele-classes covering a variety of different topics all designed to increase members’ ability to achieve greater financial success.


The organization claims that although many direct selling companies offer initial training programs, these are usually limited to the basics. Typically, company based training programs offer training on topics like product features, simple recruitment techniques, basic sales strategy and how to fill out the order form. The organization offers a warehouse of informational articles and videos that can easily be accessed by members.

Furthermore, unlike many membership-based organizations that provide a static website where information and news is presented, the DSWA site acts as a portal directing members to specific places to find information that meets their personal needs – needs that are constantly evolving and changing that are reflected in the site being constantly updated.

Women Sell

The organization recognizes there is a need to provide information and services to professional direct sellers worldwide. It just happens that 85 percent of these are women. Therefore, greater need for providing services and information does focus upon women. However, the organization states on its website that it does encourage men to join DSWA so that they can benefit and understand how to support women in their selling organizations who are either colleagues or people they might manage.

For more information about the organization, visit the DSWA online.

Mark mcrae is re-opening his surefire contest once more, and the surefire trading champions will be delving into and elaborating on their winning formulas when they join with other professionals featured in surefire’s traders secret library

Mark McRae is re-opening his Surefire Contest once more, and the Surefire Trading Champions will be delving into and elaborating on their winning formulas when they join with other professionals featured in Surefire’s Traders Secret Library.

Excitement is running high as the championship gets underway. Only six winners will grab the championship. Three live traders and three demo traders are chosen. Only those entrants with verifiable formulas and results are considered. The winning contestants have their contact information displayed in the Traders Secret Library.

All entrants can access the library. This library contains one of the world’s largest collections of eBooks, tutorial and instructional videos. Professional traders, who also have their contact information posted in the library, are available around the clock to give advice.

Mark McRae has a sterling reputation in the forex community. He is a respected trader and instructor. His numerous eBooks and videos are touted for their solid professionalism and acute insight into the forex market.

Champions coming out of this competition are listened to and sought out by professional traders from around the world. The prestige associated with this contest spreads far beyond the forex world. Some champions become celebrities of a sort, dispensing trading advice in infomercials and webinars to the masses.

Since everyone wants to be part of this exciting contest, enrollment is very high, so most professional advise perspective entrants to get in early before enrollment is cut off. No one knows when and if Mark McRae will re-open this contest.

Championship in this contest means that you have thorough knowledge of the many variables and challenges inherent in forex trading. Champions are masters or their trade and are highly respected by other professionals.

Email marketing is a brilliant method of marketing your business if you get it right

Email Marketing is a brilliant method of marketing your business if you get it right. And not everyone agree’s with what is right and what is wrong! I have only just realised myself how important your Email Marketing campaigns can be. Over the last few weeks, I have been shown what I am doing wrong!!

Oh well, as Robert F Kennedy once said “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”. So now I am putting my mistakes right!

And I know you are waiting for the number 1 secret, so here it is!

The subject heading is the obvious choice isn’t it? But no! The reason someone opens your email is YOU! And what you stand for, your Brand! If you are building your social media or online presence properly, your name should start to ring bells to the people you are sending emails to. You see, if you have been seen all over social media, in pictures, videos, articles and comments, the person receiving your email will recognise your name and open that email because they already know you, they like and trust you.

One way to make your email stand out would be to use the header from your blog at the top of your emails so people recognise your ‘brand’. You could have your own signature from which will help to brand you. Try to make your emails personal to you; add a little bit of yourself into them.

Try to keep your emails light; don’t get to heavy. Use alot of paragraphs to keep it interesting. Look at your finished email. Would you read it? Because if it is boring, or it looks boring, the reader will click DELETE! And try to keep it reasonably brief.

I have had several emails recently where the writer has just used a short line of writing, making a small column down the left hand side of the page and I must admit these do seem easier to read! Try to use bold, italics and underline to make the important parts of your email stand out. People don’t read so much as ‘scan’ their emails nowadays. So if you don’t highlight them, they may not be noticed.

I did recently have a person object to my sending them emails. They had obviously opted-in for some training I offered, not realising that they would in fact be getting emails from me once they had opted-in. What I did was to put a message at the top of my emails, explaining that to be receiving these emails they must have entered their details on one of my websites. I informed them that if they did not want help in building their online business, they were welcome to unsubscribe at the bottom of the page.

This is a little scary, because you wonder if your whole list will opt-out, but fortunately I only lost a couple of people, and actually got a better click-through rate!! Probably because I was making it clear what the emails were about, and injecting a little bit of my personality into it. I was actually saying, if you don’t want my emails, fine, no problem, goodbye!!

Remember you are sending emails to communicate with your list. You must be giving value to your potential buyers before they will become customers. You need to offer help, advice, tips, free training and anything you have which will be valuable to them. Consider what they are searching for and try to help them in their quest, and you will become invaluable to them.

Remember, people only do business with people they know, like and trust!

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