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Becoming successful and having the ability to lead does not have anything to do with the environment in which we are placed or possessing certain talents and abilities, and discipline never works long term

Becoming successful and having the ability to lead does not have anything to do with the environment in which we are placed or possessing certain talents and abilities, and discipline never works long term.

What works is the shifting from having to do something to wanting to do something. At the end of the day becoming successful comes down to two things patterns and being able to do things a certain way.

Two kinds of people

There are people who are given everything? They have parents that love them who are there for them. They have a  tremendous education, all the resources only to end up, in and out of rehab their whole lives. Why?

Then there are those that have nothing, they’ve been abused, they have no one to care for them or support them in what their doing and they’ve been beaten down to their knees repeatedly time and time again. These are the people who turn out being some of the finest individuals you will ever meet in your life. Who are out their in the trench’s helping people, contributing back to their communities. These are the truly successful.

Leadership and Truth

Success in business and in life is about leadership and being truthful to yourself. To see things as they are, NOT worse then they are. What I mean by that is there are people out there that get scared when things don’t quite work out for them the way they hoped, so they make it Worse  (in their MIND) so they don’t have to try. They see things worse than they really are. They don’t want to continue, they don’t want to “keep on keeping on”. For fear of being disappointed. They don’t want to feel that sense of rejection or failure.

See it better than it is (vision)

What’s really missing in people’s lives these days and what’s preventing them from becoming successful is there’s no vision. People/businesses without vision will parish. If there is no vision for a greater tomorrow from where you’re at today, you’re looking the wrong way. Every part of your business or life needs a compelling future. If the future is not more compelling then today, even though today may be tough, you can get there.

What do Leaders do?

Leaders lead, How? By example, of course. As a leader, having been successful in business and in life it’s my job, my duty to help people see it as it is, NOT worse than it is. I’m here to assist individuals in creating a compelling future and see it with clarity so they can continue to give it their all and persist without giving up so they to can become a successful leader as well.

By darrell l

By Darrell L. Browning

Managers often get in the way of their own success. Call it what you will, but sometimes a manager can be his or her own worst enemy. The problem usually lies in an inability to delegate work to others. If this is you, the first corrective step should be to identify specific ways you resist delegating to others. The following list may help you with that task.

  • Don’t Do Everything Yourself. You may tell yourself you have to do this, but it isn’t true. Others may work differently, but they can still get the job done. This fear often comes from a concern about the quality of work–and that is an altogether different problem. Doing things yourself takes away from time to manage and does not allow your staff to learn by doing. That’s the best way. And you know it.
  • It’s Not Easier to Do Yourself. Actually, it is much easier to teach staff how to do something than to do it yourself. You save time this way and your staff gains new competencies.
  • If They Don’t Have Time: Neither Do You. Let’s face it; everyone is working harder with fewer resources. If this is the case, stepping in an doing the work for your over-burdened subordinates only adds to your burnout possibilities and directly harms your ability to strategically manage the situation.
  • You Are Going to Have to Do It Anyway. Well, if you are doing this, you obviously don’t trust your subordinates to complete the tasks before them. Good managers allow subordinates to make mistakes. Another reason may be that priorities need to be revamped. Try looking at that first.
  • You May Want to Do It, But Don’t. Yes, it may be satisfying to do work you know will bring halos raining down upon you. Your job is to manage, however, not fulfill personal desires of success. Leave the delegated work to those with responsibility for it. Look for other ways to achieve job satisfaction by increasing your leadership skills.

Once you have identified the problem you can begin eliminating it. And manage better in the process.

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© BrowningLaFrankie 2008

Success in life and in business comes from effective leadership

Success in life and in business comes from effective leadership. Being a leader does not mean you have to be outgoing, does not mean you have to change who you are, it just means being a better more confident you. You can follow these 5 steps to become a leader, and create a new self image of confidence and leadership, that will in turn change how others view you as well.

1. Establish a Vision
Throughout history, all great leaders always had a vision. It must be so strong and important to them that they would never give it up for any reason. They follow this vision with an understanding that there is no other possible outcome. Others are magnetized to the leader as they can see that this is someone who knows where they are going. This is the absolute basis upon which all leadership is built. Without a vision you will not have a direction, so you will never leader.

2. Find and Learn a Good System
Change in anything in life is incredibly hard unless you apply a good system both consistently and effectively. If you want to change your mindset you follow laid out exercises and do them everyday. This is just a system to create a desired outcome. The fastest way to get from A to B is a straight line. If you have a clear system that will take you from A to B you will get there a lot quicker than if you are constantly shifting your direction.

3. Add Value
If you don’t add value you have nothing to offer someone. If you don’t have more knowledge about or more capabilities for getting from A to B than the next person, they have no reason to join you. They would simply go find someone who can give them extra information. It’s easy to add value: education. Get educated as much as you can, and never stop. To be an effective leader you must always be learning, keeping up to date, and understanding that you never have all the answers.

4. Give Away Your Value
The real secret to leadership is that giving value away adds to your own value instead of decreasing it. Every time you give away good quality information without looking for something in return you become more of a leader in the eyes of those around you. You will have confidence in the abundance of information, prospects, wealth, etc around you and know that helping other people is really helping yourself.

5. Expect Your Followers To Be Leaders
The principal applies to everyone, your followers will need to become leaders themselves to achieve the success they are seeking. Teach them about the 5 steps to become a leader, point out any tools, resources, or education that can assist them, but step back and let them find a vision of their own. Expect leadership and vision from them, and allow them to stop following you when they are ready.

This process happens organically for many people, but if you feel like a follower take these simple steps to change your own image and become a leader.

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