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One may ask

One may ask? Wow! Why did Dr. Baiz, pick “The relativity In Leadership” as a topic of discussion? We all know that the word “Relativity” is typically referenced to the man whom has been recognized as perhaps the smartest man who ever lived; and, so therefore why make such an attempt? Well, if I may, I would like to paraphrase what Albert Einstein once said about the subject of relativity. Einstein said it would take a well versed trained physics scholar, two weeks to understand just the very rudiments of relativity, just to understand what relativity is, just the “rudiments”. You see Albert Einstein was denied the Nobel Prize eight times; and quite frankly denied because the Nobel Prize committees reviewing his work just did not understand fully what he was trying to explain, he truly was a man way ahead of his time. Einstein in his time was the premier scientist of his day and beyond. He was a leader, In spite of being denied eight times for the grand Prize all scientists seek. He held firm and worked away at his theories.

Albert Einstein is the innermost figure in our world that taught us that: “everything is relative” – now one must be careful and not just simplify the issue of relativity and think that you are now an expert in relativity by applying it in any random approach to the problem solving process of resolving challenges. The scope of “Relativity In Leadership” is to understand like Einstein understood in his theories of Relativity that In the end there is no end. Some have said plan with the end in mind. My answer to that is how? As there are no ends to: things, beings, or developments. Action is an evolving manifestation and leadership is constantly in the face of relativity. How? Let’s take a brief look at leadership and relativity and synthesize how the two are partners in progress. Let’s review the political, psychological, and social aspect of leadership as it pertains to relativity. In politics it is a broad base stratum of economics and finance, in psychology it is a broad base strata of philosophical approaches to human behavior and treatment while in the social it is a complex application of a cultural trends and social solutions to society’s sicknesses. The relativity In Leadership within the above mentioned social factors are the ever ending explorations of finding where the truth lies in leadership and what is the best mechanism to apply the best system; within the realm of all that we have at our finger tips that is Relative to Leadership! It is definitely there one just has to look for it.  

Be prepared to apply relative conceptual solutions to leadership approaches and define your leadership by applying the relative relationships to the heart of your business astuteness.           

Obama’s inauguration day poems



Will we battle terrorism as it should be fought
Or run away and let evil doers chase us to our door?
Will we protect our freedom and system of life
As our fathers and grandfathers sacrificed before?

Will we secure our borders against illegal entry
Or let our economy and security be destroyed?
Will we finally stop runaway wasteful spending
By leaders who are self-serving and void?

Will we continue to pledge our help to the less fortunate
Who suffer from war, hunger and disease?
Will we preserve our heritage and our future
From those who wish to bring liberty to its knees?

Never be afraid to be proud of America
And march with the thankful, honorable and just.
Never surrender our freedom of choice
Standing firm for what we believe and trust.

Sometimes it’s hard to protect what is right
Sometimes we’re scorned as for others we fight.
Some of us are willing regardless of loss
To commit our soul to save the cross.

Evil prospers on greed and human hate
Always eager to destroy and defecate.
God’s grace descends on the souls of man
Cleansing the impure wherever He can.

As long as man has struggled on earth
Life has had its troubles from birth.
God’s seed of goodness has delayed man’s demise
Thank Heaven for his heroes the strong and the wise.

The Lord adores his heroes of yesterday
Just how numerous, only He could say.
God loves his soldiers who line up to serve
By standing against evil His grace they deserve.

God Bless America


There are two worlds, this one and the next
Man’s is deceptive, temporary and full of blame.
God’s is permanent, loving, truthful and complete
Free of hate, lust, war, greed and shame.

Our bodies belong to this world and die
Our souls come from God’s and return.
Virtue is knowledge of what is right or wrong
As the lessons of lifetime we learn.

Humans are disorderly, wasteful and corrupt
All are guilty of the ignorance of sin.
The worst crimes practiced on Earth today
Are the sadistic deeds committed by men.

History persist but nothing has changed
The world we live in is more dangerous than before.
Most people never know the true facts or answers
They just follow the leaders they fear or adore.

The falsehoods of politics shadow man’s soul
Testing our faith, temperament and resolve.
Real heroes defend, liberate and unite
Facing problems with a mandate to solve.

President Obama I pray for your wisdom
To deal with America’s troubles and enemies at hand.
Man’s world is God’s boot camp of divine worth
As the misdeeds of man crisscross the land.

By President’s Poet
Tom Zart
Most Published Poet
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In the recent past, the world has witnessed the fall of great leaders in religion, politics, business and sports

In the recent past, the world has witnessed the fall of great leaders in religion, politics, business and sports. One day they are admired and supported and the next day they are ridiculed and abandoned. Of course you as a leader would like to think that that would never happen to you, your organisation, your business or your family. Yet the truth is that previous great leaders of the past were human just like you and me.

Listed are 4 warning signs you can look out for that can lead to failure as a leader.

1. Shift of Focus. Leaders by nature are driven and motivated. These are great qualities but failure occurs when a leader looses site of what is important. This can happen very easily. Maybe they get caught up in micro managing every area of the organisation and they get consumed with the trivial and unimportant aspects of the business. This tendency can be worsened because by nature, many leaders like to do things well, border line perfectionism. If a leader is trying to manage all aspects of the business and lead at the same time, they are sure to get side tracked from the long term goals.

Action Step: Take the time today to realign your focus. Reread your business plan or goals and refocus on what is important.

2. Poor Communication. Followers cannot follow somebody that is unsure of where they are going. When a leader looses site of the main focus, they lose site of where they are going. Effective communication is so much easier when you know what you actually want to say.

Action Step: Be absolutely clear about what you want to convey to your followers or core team in the area you are in leadership.

3. Poor Self Management. While leadership is great, it can be tiring, draining and exhausting. Most people will not pick up on signs of exhaustion in a leader. As a leader, it is vital that you take care of yourself emotionally, physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Action Step: When you feel you are stressed or running on empty in any area, take time out for yourself to be refreshed and refuelled.

4. Driven by fear of failure. Being driven is a quality every leader needs, but what drives you is what is important. If the desire to succeed is what is driving you, then you will willingly take risks. But when fear of failure is the driving force, it makes risk taking so much more difficult.

Action Step: Take a good honest look at what you are driven by. Great leaders are never afraid to take a risk.

As you consider these four warning signs of leadership failure, do not be afraid to take an honest look at yourself. If any of the warnings ring true, take action today! The good news is that by paying attention to these signs and heeding their warnings, you can avoid disaster and sustain the kind of leadership that is healthy and fulfilling both for yourself and your followers.

A successful business depends on the performance of its employees and the performance of employees depends on their job satisfaction

A successful business depends on the performance of its employees and the performance of employees depends on their job satisfaction.  Many factors can lead to a satisfied or dissatisfied employee.  Among the most important factors stated by employees are autonomy, fair policies, recognition, benefits, morale, team work, autonomy, workload, promotion and salary.

Employees who look forward to going to work each day will do a better job.  Feeling like a valuable part of the team and being recognized for their contributions is something most employees place very high in their list of job desires.  Employers can facilitate this by ensuring a fair workplace where teamwork is stressed and grievances are quickly and fairly remedied.  Suggestions made by employees should be considered and the employee given recognition if implemented.

Another good want to make employees feel like something more than a so=poke in the wheel is to allow them flexible schedules.  This promotes a feeling that their work is valued more than merely their presence.  Employees who can somewhat set their own schedules come to work to work, and not just to punch the clock and serve their time.  There are many ways for a business to do this and often companies find that flexible schedules work better for productivity also.

No one wants to come to work every day into a Machiavellian court.  Office politics are among the most complained about negative work factors.  Teamwork should be stressed and backstabbing not tolerated.  Most people have a natural tendency toward fairness and when they aren’t seeing it they tend to become jaded and less productive.

Employees also want to know exactly what is expected of them.  They don’t want to work in an environment that gives expects them to use their judgment and then punishes them if their judgment is not what management had in mind.  Clear goals and expectations are always better.

When judging an employee’s performance, managers should use clear, transparent factors such as missed work, met deadlines, peer ratings, etc.  This goes a long way in promoting a feeling of fairness in workers and eliminates the feeling that some people are getting special treatment.  Prominently display rating factors and their results.  These evaluations should be updated regularly and high performing employees should be rewarded.

Employees are not inherently disgruntled like many managers like to think.  But they will quickly become disillusioned if they feel they are being treated unfairly or that their contributions are taken for granted.  An office that works hard to eliminate these negative factors will be a productive office.

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