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Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held

Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held. They are celebrations of accomplishments, the reaching of goals and more.

Interestingly, these events traditionally are called two different names as if they were synonyms: Commencement and Graduation.

As will be pointed out by countless speakers at these events, graduates need to think of this as a time of “commencement” – of a beginning – rather than an ending, culmination or graduation. Each of these speakers will be correct, of course, but I believe this wisdom falls short of being truly helpful or instructive.

The reason it falls short is because the speakers typically are talking about the moment or the event. While the difference in insight matters at the event, the real significance comes for the honorees after the event, based on the choices they make.

Graduates have made choices, consciously or not. And because of those choices…

Graduates have completed.

Graduates have succeeded.

Graduates have reached their goal.

Graduates have expertise.

Graduates have “climbed the mountain”, “reached the summit” and “grabbed the brass ring”.

Graduates are done.

Commencers have made choices too, but they are almost assuredly conscious. And because of those choices…

Commencers are beginning.

Commencers see a bright future.

Commencers have bigger goals in front of them.

Commencers are learners.

Commencers know that based on past experience they can continue to learn, grow and achieve more.

Commencers are just getting started.

The decisions made by these people are decisions that we all can make everyday – even if we haven`t put on a cap and gown in 40+ years (or if we never did).

When we decide consciously to be a commencer, we immediately change our results and the trajectory of our lives.

Here are five decisions that will change you from a graduate to a commencer, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you consciously make the decision:

Decide to be a beginner. Ask yourself: “Do I think I have the answers or am I a curious question asker?”

Decide to dream bigger. Ask yourself: “What do I really want to achieve, and what can I do today to move towards that accomplishment?”

Decide to be a leader. Ask yourself: “How can I make a difference in the world around me?”

Decide to be a learner. Ask yourself: “What can I learn today?”

Decide to enjoy the journey. Ask yourself: “What did I love about today, and what`s next?”

Regardless of your stage in life and regardless of your past choices, I urge you to consider these choices. Choosing the path of a commencer will change your life and your world for the better, forever.

When you joined the company, you did so because what

When you joined the company, you did so because what? You had certain needs to be met. Not so? Perhaps needs for money, status, training, location. But as time went on…something curious happened, probably without you even noticing it.

Sure, you may have felt it. But few realise before it’s too late what happened.

Let me tell you. What happened was that the BALANCE OF NEEDS shifted big-style. No sooner had your needs been met, than the company put it’s needs continually higher on the agenda, whilst yours slid to the bottom.

Time-off? What about the project? More money? In the present competitive climate? A transfer? We need you here! More interesting work? Where do you think you are, a sweet shop?

Sound familiar?

A good sign that we have bought into the company game, or their version of the world, is when we feel stuck.

Here’s what we need to do in order to redress the balance of needs, and put our needs up their with the company’s…

1. Get Yourself a Much Bigger Game

Think long term. Think about what you want to do after this work. Consider what your heart it whispering. Put the job to one side for a moment, and ask yourself, if I wasn’t doing this, what would I love to do?

2. Spend Time Enriching This.

Consider your feelings on the matter. What it would mean to you? What might you need to learn to bring it about? How much fun you would have? In a nutshell, what kind of journey do you want?

3. See The Company as a Resource.

Now, clearly you have signed a contract and have certain responsibilities to undertake. That is fine, and you should do them to the best of your abilities. That said, you can also look at the way you approach your work, and consider what skills, contacts, qualities, information you want to develop that would stand you in good stead in your much bigger game.

Just make a list of some of the things you want to have in place when you leave.

Yes, when you leave. Because you will. Either of your own free choice, or circumstances will kick you out, or you’ll be carried out. One of the three.

So this is by way of a strategic approach. You with me?

4. See Each Day as a Framework for Learning

Rather than see each day as “another day at work” ask yourself, “What can I learn today that will bring my much bigger game a step towards me?”

See those 8 hours as potential. Sure you have a job to do, but there is much you can learn by adapting your APPROACH.

For example, you might want to develop determination, confidence, creativity, organisation, time-keeping, discipline, or a whole range of other qualities.

You might want to develop a range of contacts with interests that would support your much bigger game. Go find them as you go about your day.

5. Notice the Gratitude

A curious side-effect of this approach is that you may start to feel gratitude for the company for providing you with so many opportunities to grow.

Any resentment you may have felt can easily turn into a willingness to achieve even greater results!

The company will often wonder what it has done to engender such a turn-a-around. Hey, they may even promote your manager!

6. Spot the other Players

As you work with this strategic approach, you will start to notice others within the company who are on the same page.

You will notice a lightness in the way they handle “stressful” situations. Why? Because for them, this is not the be-all-and-end-all. It is a stepping stone, and so everything is in a more healthy context.

7. As the Pieces, Come Together

As the pieces of your puzzle come together, prepare well for your jump from this stone to the next. Having developed the resources you need, you will have confidence in your ability and a clear plan to hit the ground running.

So remember to step back from the company game you are in to see the wider, broader picture. See where this vehicle is taking you and what else you might learn from the ride. Consider where you want to go next, and how this journey can support that.

Most importantly, redress the balance of needs, and put your own back up there with the company’s.

Make you job work for you! 🙂

Have a great time

Although much is said for getting an internet mentor, it is still often unclear to many people how you would actually benefit from getting a good mentor to help with your online business

Although much is said for getting an Internet Mentor, it is still often unclear to many people how you would actually benefit from getting a good mentor to help with your online business.

Taking the decision to get an Internet Mentor should not be taken lightly.

It is a definite commitment, not only from a financial aspect but it is also a commitment on your time.

So how then, could an Internet Mentor benefit you…

Well first and foremost, provided you are being mentored by an experienced and reputable marketer, you will be gaining the knowledge. As the old saying goes ‘knowledge is power’ and you will be reaping the knowledge from someone who has the experience and knowledge to pass on.

You will also increase the speed of your learning process. It can often take you years to learn some aspects of Internet Marketing that a mentor can accurately teach you in weeks. This will help in getting your online business up and running the quickest possible time.

However, here is the biggest way in which you can benefit from using an Internet Mentor…

You will learn how to market yourself as an ethical and professional Internet Marketer. With all of the people online who harbour nothing but bad intentions, you could benefit from the teachings of a highly respected mentor to help stand you out from the crowd.

That one benefit alone is worth the costs multiple times over but there are numerous more great benefits from being mentored online and serious marketer should seriously considering using an Internet Mentor.

For the first time ever, my mentor will be opening his doors and letting you watch over his shoulder as he shows you his unique strategies that have made him tens of Thousands of Dollars online so far.

My Mentor has helped myself and many others to success online and you can join this journey by Clicking Right Here….

This is not an article about acting like a jerk

This is not an article about acting like a jerk. Nor is it a condemnation against being a nice person. However, in researching the most successful, it is quickly realized they are not always the most liked. Success is not a popularity contest. The qualities which make one a prom queen do not translate into heading a corporation. Making it to the top means that you will step on a few toes along the way.

Successful people make tough decisions. Any leader knows that it is impossible to keep everyone happy. The larger the number of people that any one person leads, the more individuals that will be upset with a decision. It simply is the nature of leadership. A certain percentage of the people will always be against the choices that are made. Of course, to be effective, their approval is not required.

Developing “thick skin” is a prerequisite for success. Consider the daily ordeal that anyone famous must endure. The pressures in dealing with the press whether one is an actor, entrepreneur, political figure, or athlete are enormous. These are people who are tops in their fields, yet are assaulted daily by critics. Like is always preached, “Nobody ever erected a statue for a critic”. Famous people understand that someone will always be questioning their choices. However, they do no allow their success to be tied to the approval of others.

Let’s be clear: everybody wants to be liked. That is a facet of our humanness. We, by our nature, are social beings. The interaction and approval of others is crucial to our survival. Very few people were ever able to live the “hermit” lifestyle without going literally insane. In fact, isolation is a technique that is often used to extract information out of prisoners during war. The need for other people is biological. However, the need to be liked and approved by all is neurotic. Extreme people pleasing is a disorder that often requires professional treatment. It is a sign of low self worth. Individuals who suffer from this usually do not have the qualities to be successful.

Do you want to be successful? If you answered in the affirmative, then it is time for you to raise your self esteem so that it is not dependent upon other’s approval. The path to success in most any endeavor is already paved. There are people who went before providing a blueprint to follow. The question is whether you have the internal confidence to forge that path in spite of what other’s think. This journey requires some risk, tough decisions, and courage to persevere through the down times. It is not a choice for the weak hearted.

Being true to oneself is one of the toughest principles to live by. It is said that life is not a popularity contest. This is definitely true when it comes to success. Again, consider some of the most successful people. What is their day filled with? They are confronted with difficult decisions that affects a fair amount of people. Periodically, their ideas are met with extreme resistance. This is especially true when dealing with communities or government entities. People begin to protest their dislike for a particular individual or company. Donald Trump and WalMart are prime examples of ones who regularly meet this disapproval. However, they do not back down. They believe in their cause which allows them to remain true to it regardless of what others think.

A healthy place to begin is with the realization that someone is always going to disagree with you. As you progress up the path of success, the number of people who fall into this category only increases. Monitor your self esteem throughout this process. Make your decisions based upon the goals you are trying to attain. Resist the urge to try appeasing everyone. It is a fruitless proposition. However, by doing this, you will gain the respect of those who you are leading in spite of their personal feelings. Successful people are not always the most well liked. Yet, if they act in an ethical manner, they are the most well respected.

When it comes to being like, it is helpful to remember that: some will, some will not, so what.

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