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These two days, henan province, xiayi north tsochen liuji village farmers liu bao despite the hot weather, busy mobilizing his relatives to join the farmers co-operatives

    These two days, Henan Province, Xiayi North Tsochen liuji Village Farmers Liu Bao despite the hot weather, busy mobilizing his relatives to join the farmers co-operatives. In the cultivation of mushrooms of Liu Bao seems to join the farmers co-operatives, it means that mushroom production increases, prices increase, income increase.

2005 Liu Bao sheds new two mushrooms, income has been very satisfactory. In 2008 he joined the Xiayi Li source of edible professional cooperatives, so that he reduced the cost of production chains, or the original two sheds, raised the sales price of mushrooms, when Liu Bao income 30,000 yuan. At the moment, in the Xiayi, such as Liu Bao specialized cooperative organizations of farmers rely on the farmers to get rich numerous. “To go get rich road, make strides to join the Association” has become a local farmers doggerel.

Xiayi Committee, the county government in accordance with “Building an association, Hing an industry, the economy of living a rich one people” line of thinking around the grain, edible fungi, vegetables, pigs, fruit and other industries, encourage and guide the leading enterprises, cultivating large, technical genius to set up co-operatives. At present, the county agricultural specialized cooperative organizations of all kinds of 103, join a company member of 11358 people, driven 500,000 farmers in establishing pollution-free agricultural production bases 16, the development of high-efficiency agriculture 50 million mu, and promote farmers increase nearly 10 billion yuan.

Xiayi the formation of specialized cooperative organizations of farmers, flexible and diverse forms, practical and efficient. The main types are: First, enterprises rely on type, namely, “Cooperation Organization + company + farmers” to leading enterprises rely on the formation of cooperative organizations, through contract farming and other contractual contact farmers. The second is to promote science and technology type, namely, “the technology is characterized by the promotion of associations + base + farmers” form. Third, Homo habilis-led to Homo habilis, professional big Cooperation Organization was established mainly for members free of charge to provide market information, unified design packaging and marketing organization. Fourth, the village cadres to take the lead type, and from village cadres appointed chairman of the Association or Co-operative Society, promote the development of the village and surrounding rural economy. 5 farmers spontaneous type, and from like-minded, love the composition of the same farmers around a particular industry or product, to establish a “farmer + farmers” in partnership.

Xiayi professional cooperative organizations to take “voluntary membership, democratic management, risk sharing, share the benefits” principle. The professional co-operation organizations in accordance with production needs of members to launch the service in different ways, some aspects of agricultural production-oriented unified services, unified seed supply, unified processing; some focus on science and technology, agricultural production, new achievements in all aspects of new technologies allow members to share; some focus on the potential of tapping the potential market for agricultural products, to withstand market risks, increase economic efficiency.

Xiayi County Commission continued to strengthen the professional cooperative organizations of farmers support the industry, the development of cooperative organizations of farmers to take “Rotary launched and get a way” approach, substantial improvements in survival and expansion of cooperative organizations environment. County Bureau of Agriculture in cooperation free of charge for the agricultural professional organizations to provide technical support for various industry conditions, the regular training of agricultural technicians and technology leader in wealth and promoted the co-operatives from the “production” to “tech” into erected in an agricultural science and technology achievements into a platform play dial light a lamp to illuminate a large effect.

Professional co-operation of industry, the organization has played an active role in promoting. Xiayi Rural Economic Cooperative and powder industry, Xue Feng Group, Central Plains Mushroom Co., Ltd., Huaihai Seed Science and Technology Co., Ltd., 58 provinces, municipalities and county-level key leading enterprise of agricultural marriage of a steady flow of orders to provide enterprises in agriculture, birth grow flour processing, textiles, wood processing and other industries, and nearly one hundred planting, breeding characteristics and specialized villages. Xiayi kurimoto Mushroom and other professional cooperatives promote the development of Agaricus bisporus county greenhouses to 12000, 600 million square meters, mushroom, Coprinus comatus, Bailing Mushroom, mushroom, etc. 10 million bags, and built the country’s largest production base of Agaricus bisporus, xiayi “Chinese Hometown of edible fungus,” the flagship piece of the country called the louder the more

This article discusses how the generalist ceo will give way to specialist ceos in the companies of the future

This article discusses how the generalist CEO will give way to specialist CEOs in the companies of the future. As the perfect CEO, who is good at everything, will be a rare entity, companies should instead look for CEOs with deep expertise in one or two areas with enough knowledge to build a high performing supporting team. The author has described five specialist CEO types. The Brain will be a CEO who is an expert engineer, innovator, and can help lead R&D teams. The Ambassador will be a well-traveled CEO, having made visits to the leading and developing economies of the world. The Dealmaker will be an expert in mergers and acquisitions. The Conductor will be required to increase collaboration between corporate units and to help promote teamwork. The Casting Agent will be a CEO who can employ, retain and deploy the best people in the company, in short – assemble an all star team.

Future companies may have more than one CEO – each a specialist in his/her field. In the studies of leadership, the big five personality framework – extroversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, emotional stability and openness to experience – are considered to be traits of an effective leader. Here, instead of searching for a single leader with all leadership qualities, we are searching for different leaders excelling in at least one of the qualities. If we implement this format, it will bring about changes in the studies on leadership and organizational behavior. Along with studying relationships between the CEO and his/her employees, we will also have to study the inter-personal relationships between the different CEOs of the same company handling different jobs yet working together to head the company.

The mid to late 90s of last century, some companies began producing jiangkou kitchen accessories

  The mid to late 90s of last century, some companies began producing Jiangkou kitchen accessories. As our industrial heaven and earth is very vast, a family kitchen and enterprises such as mushroom start to appear and gradually form a massive economy.
From 1998 to 2000, Eguchi kitchen industry into the growth stage, many working in the enterprise’s Gong Xiaoyuan, technicians set up industries relying on our own strength, increasing the efficiency of enterprises. From 2001 to 2002, Jiangkou the kitchen industry, entering the fast expansion phase, both the total and scale to expand very rapidly, such as Aolei Shi, Antya, Jin Ling, security pass, Pegasus and other enterprises. Since 2003, the estuary of the kitchen industry, begun to enter the stage of deepening. Since the entry of a large number of competitors, coupled with currency appreciation, rising labor costs and production costs increase, both management and technology, or marketing, are worth studying and response. Eguchi’s kitchen companies who keep a clear head, based on product innovation, marketing innovation, management innovation, into a new world, and create a good production environment.

  After nearly 10 years of rapid development, estuary of the kitchen industry, production scale and product quality have been at the leading level of domestic counterparts, and the huge development potential. Eguchi the existing kitchen and corresponding supporting enterprise business nearly 100, the product has formed 16 series, thousands of varieties. 2005 Kitchen accessories industrial output value of more than 500 million yuan, employing nearly 2 million people.

    Highlighting the industry leading, industry group formation. Eguchi kitchen industry, the middle-aged at 1 billion yuan output value of enterprises have an annual production value of 5,000 million yuan of the two enterprises have an annual production value of 3,000 million yuan, there are 10 more than exceeds ten million yuan of fixed assets over more than 20 enterprises have formed a Aolei Shi, Shane, Jin Ling, Antya, security pass, Sunrise, Pegasus and other leading backbone enterprises, and built two industry engineering and technology research and development centers, R & D capacity, productivity and product quality, already has industry-leading level.

    Improve the industrial chain, the proportion of exports large. Eguchi kitchen industry specialization and cooperation within the region and improved the matching system, and formed a base from raw materials to production to marketing a long and complete industrial chain. Product best-selling Europe and America, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, more than 50 countries and regions, the proportion of exports to reach 60%. Especially Aolei Shi Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. Ningbo production taps in 1999 by the Ministry of Construction Building Materials Industry Bureau approved the production of sanitary ware fittings designated management company, in February 2004 through the national quality system certification, and has achieved UKAS Certificate of Cambridge, UK , in July 2004 awarded the top ten famous brand in China taps industry.

    Product quality and high-quality, sound marketing network. Eguchi kitchen industry to develop new products every year more than 100, there is a fixed supply channels for raw and auxiliary materials, product quality in line with national standards, have “Aolei Shi”, “Antya” and other national brands. Antya, security pass and other 13 companies developed more than 40 new products have been included in the provincial-level new product trial production projects, a number of technology has reached domestic advanced level. At the same time, Jiangkou kitchen industries in domestic large and medium cities with more than 40 marketing agencies and some foreign sales branches.

Scholarships are available each year millions of dollars, and most hinge on an essay

Scholarships are available each year millions of dollars, and most hinge on an essay. Some students enjoy writing essays, but the judge who you are and why you deserve to win your scholarship is the best way to get quotes. Leadership by trying to win scholarships for students, it is important that judges as a leader in a clear and powerful picture of you give.

Step 1: List your ideas as they come to you. Brainstorm with your parents and friends, and just get your ideas on paper. You will organize your thoughts later.

Step 2: Make an outline of your essay draft. The A + to format your English teacher is not required. Just put your ideas into some sort of order. When you start writing, the framework will give you some structure.

Step 3: North underlying question. For example, the actual essay topic you to write an essay on leadership in the business community can be. However, judges are most likely to know what kind of business leader wants you to be when you graduate. Give specific examples of your leadership experience.

Step 4: Tell the truth. This led to stretch your accomplishments in the field can be tempting, but the truth usually wins. Large national scholarship finalists in an interview with the judges can. They probably will be able to detect cheating.

Step 5: Follow the guidelines. And the best essay on leadership scholarship will not ever do any good if you miss the deadline for submitting written.

Step 6: Type your scholarship essay. Make sure that spelling or grammatical errors do not make any.

Step 7: Write a cover letter, even if it is not necessary. By doing this you show some initiative and personal touch in your search for scholarships can not hurt.

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