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This leadership tip has something in it for managers everywhere, but it’s particularly targeted at those of you with large company backgrounds who have made career moves to smaller businesses that you own and/or manage. 

My background is primarily in large scale management of IT organizations.  The companies where I’ve worked were places where changing a process or behavior took some time.  I always thought I was quicker than most, and action oriented.  As a small business owner, I found I had to be much quicker. 

I’ll offer this leadership tip in the form of a story.  It’s a story of how taking your eye of the ball can cost you money, and worse than that can cost you customers. 

My First Small Business 

I opened a small personal services business.  It was located about an hour from my home office, and with all my other commitments I knew how important hiring the right manager would be for this shop.  It took a few tries, but I found one with a good background and references, and she seemed to quickly develop loyalty to the business and to me. 

For the first six months we grew slowly but steadily.  We were behind plan in terms of customers and revenue, but the trend was up.  There were a few staff issues, but overall turnover was okay.  I decided to invest a little more in marketing to try and get more new faces in the door. 

Over the next three months, customer counts were mostly flat, and average sale was actually down a little.  Concerned, I visited the shop a few times more than usual.  The people were not as upbeat as they had been.  When asked about that, they attributed their moods to less business and less enjoyment of the job.  I wondered about seasonality, the economy, and whether I needed even more marketing investment. 

Want to know what was really going on?  My trusted manager had some personal problems that I had not been aware of before, and was exhibiting some totally unacceptable behaviors: 

  • Criticizing staff in front of customers
  • Intimidating staff, letting them know they were at risk of being fired, and telling them I was out to get them.
  • Stealing money by voiding transactions and other means  

The Damages 

I’m still figuring out how much money all this cost me, but the money is only today’s problem.  The customers I’ve lost are a more serious longer term issue, because many of them won’t be coming back. 

When I figured out what was going on, I moved quickly to fire the manager.  There were only two problems:

  • I was too late, and there had been several months of damage done;
  • There was collateral damage.  I had to fire two other employees who had adopted the attitude and behaviors of the manager. 

Today, I’m working on putting together data to see if I can assemble a case for prosecuting the employees and the manager.  An even higher priority, though, is the work I’m doing to recruit and orient new staff and develop a recovery plan for our customer service reputation.   

This leadership tip was a painful lesson that I hope never to repeat.

Leading industrial and manufacturing companies around the world are today confronted with a range of new and increasingly complex challenges

Leading industrial and manufacturing companies around the world are today confronted with a range of new and increasingly complex challenges. Along with the risk of truly global competition comes the risk of remaining static and unbending in the face of serious market challenges. Increased customer expectations of value may also be moving one’s competitors to change their business strategy.

From intense global competition and a market-driven shift in workforce deployment to new demands for innovation, industrial and manufacturing companies are taking steps to redefine their market position and drive long-term supplier relationships with especially discerning clients whose focus is squarely on value.

As the rules of doing business within a fiercely competitive industrial and manufacturing environment continue to evolve, so too, do the requirements for world-class management leadership within these markets. In fact, the demands of corporate leadership have never been higher in the industrial and manufacturing markets.

Ann Cousin, from the Transearch International Paris office, says her recent client executive search engagement experience suggests a matrix of leadership skills are now expected of senior-management leaders across the Industrial and Manufacturing markets in Europe and beyond. These include:

  1. Personal leadership – Other than direct authority, personal leadership is definitely required now for nearly 100 percent of executive positions. The matrix configuration of many global organizations requires leaders to develop their own network and to initiate contacts with colleagues working in farflung time zones.
  2. Culture fit – There must be a deep synergy between the company or group’s organizational culture and the behavior and attitude of senior managers.
  3. Pressure to produce results – More and more companies who change towards harder targets and processes say they want to get results, but they must be achieved “the right way” – as a result of careful planning and strategic execution.
  4. Personal fit – Besides adapting to a harsher competitive environment and global pressures being felt at all stages of the manufacturing process, industrial leaders must have the right personal chemistry with their teams in order to obtain the desired results.
  5. Well-rounded perspective – Manufacturing and industrial innovators are building new businesses on leaders who bring a global attitude in terms of technical skills, as well as leadership, organization skills and cost controls.

Companies, in general, are constantly looking to upgrade their management leadership bench strength. They are keen to attract executives with solid, blue chip experience and strong academic qualifications. In the developing markets such as China and Vietnam, this has led to an acute shortage of quality talent at the middle and senior-management level. Retention of these qualified professionals has become a major issue for many organizations.

As the war for talent heats up, the availability of senior talent with the required industry specific experience has become less and less. This has resulted in many companies looking at people from outside the industry who have proven themselves as good leaders with a track record of success behind them. The new leadership challenge is to cope with an increasingly faster and ‘flat’ world, to benefit from ever faster changes by having the courage to exploit new opportunities by leading change instead of following.

This article is an extract of the White Paper entitled ‘The way forward for industrial and manufacturing leaders’. Get your copy of the full White Paper via the Transearch International website at It may alter your view of the market and competitive forces at work and how to evolve with them.

Building money from article marketing is as simply as a – b – c

Building money from article marketing is as simply as a – b – c! Honestly, it is not that hard to build income on the web if you jump in to a easy 3 step system that I will summarise for you here today. If you will follow this system, then you too will be creating income in next to no time at all.

OK, let’s get started. I will assume for the sake of simplicity that you already have a little knowledge of online marketing. However, should you be totally green, then the following will still make sense (hopefully) although you will maybe need a bit more directions which is freely available for you.

The most important thing is to write an article using notepad of about 300-500 words. I mentioned notepad due to the fact that it takes away the editing concerns away and you can simply think on the job at hand which is to make a quality article that has new ideas,Google loves this. Be sure to include your keyword phase at least 3 times in a natural way as this definitely helps with your SEO.

Next, paste your article to any high traffic online article directory under an appropriate category. If this is your first time, now take this time to create a free account for yourself. It is also worth while at this time to complete the profile page as you will definitely want prospective viewers of the article to know a much more about the author.

The last step in order to build money online is to place your article to a blog or blogs that you have about your opportunity,product,business, that you are busy writing this article about. Again, this gives you another marketing piece and more chances to be seen by your niche audience while at the same time building credibility in yourself to your audience. This aspect of marketing should never be overlooked. Remember, people do business with people who they either know or trust, period!

Ok if we did this correctly, this gives us a simple 3 step plan in order to build money online. By following this easy, free, duplicatable plan,system, you can be up and running and driving traffic to your website, blog, whatever in no time flat.

If you want to see more about these and other brilliant methods for internet marketing, then I encourage you to take a good look at the info. available here today.

To your continued marketing success.

Fashion festival at the eleventh jiangsu province, the fabric has just been awarded a new industry cluster of the ancient town of town were also invited to participate in this event

Fashion Festival at the eleventh Jiangsu Province, the fabric has just been awarded a new industry cluster of the ancient town of town were also invited to participate in this event. Changshu old town, is a township-based textile and garment industry, where the birth of the current Chinese apparel industry’s only “world famous” – Bosideng. It is relying on “Bosideng” strong market influence and social recognition, in January 2006, the ancient town by China Textile Industry Association awarded the “China Down Garment Town” in the title. The ancient town is not just down jacket center stage, its high degree of knitted garment industry agglomeration, industrial chain mature form with the down jacket, “devoted married couple,” trend. In September 2008, Jiangsu Textile Industry Association awarded the ancient town, “Needle Textile Town, Jiangsu Province,” the title. Currently the town is to apply to the China Textile Industry Association, “China down garments, knitted town” title.
The ancient town has a pin 880 textile enterprises, accounting for the town industrial enterprises in the 1 / 4, where annual sales income exceeds ten million yuan to enterprises 79. Needle to fabric-based textiles, fabrics, arts and crafts with a cloth, supplemented by an annual output of 800 million meters needle textile fabric. Owns the brand name one ( “Bosideng T shirt”), Jiangsu famous one (Kim Jin), Jiangsu famous trademark 2. In 2008 the textile industry output value of town-pin 6.5 billion, sales income 5.6 billion, profits and taxes 250 million yuan, accounting for the town industrial output value, sales, profits and taxes 25%, 23% and 12.2%. Bosideng Co., Ltd. of men’s T shirt company’s annual output of 6 million, Jiangsu, Kim Jin-pin Textile Co., Ltd., Eagle knitwear dyeing (Changshu) Co., two companies reached 100 million meters annual production capacity of more than driven nearly a thousand individual industrial and commercial households more than 1,000 yen machines, more than 500 sets warp knitting machines and flat knitting machine production and sales, forming a needle inside the ancient market of textile fabrics. Among them, Kim Jin-Needle Textile Co., Ltd. Jiangsu, has entered the top 20 domestic counterparts, the business equipment advanced, strengthen internal management, focusing on corporate culture, staff quality, product quality, in order to develop new markets, increase competitiveness and laid a solid foundation.
    Ancient town party committee and government of the needle always attaches importance to textile manufacturing enterprises and actively support and resources are relatively scarce in the land cases, the scale of corporate priorities for the land, and specifically the market opened up a garden machines designated the “needle textile” section, for the development of needle the textile industry. Also give priority to banks in financial support. Late last year set up the ancient town knitting Chamber of Commerce, leading enterprises by Kim Jin-term president of the company units, guide enterprises Bao Tuan attack. Continue to strengthen the technical transformation, take the road of scientific and technological development and continuously improve product quality and grades. Unite enterprises from the road of joint development, information sharing, technology sharing, complementary advantages, increase new product development needle textile design, production, sales efforts, expanding markets, and stronger, doing excellent “Furusato knitting” This industry cluster brand.
This year, the ancient town was declared “China’s textile and needle town,” declared has two main objectives, first, to further enhance the ancient textile pins in popularity and reputation at home and abroad to industry cluster “brand” to attract more domestic and foreign businessmen, and thus enlarge the cluster effect, let the world know, “Furusato knitting,” so that “ancient li knit” to the world; two years is to make the ancient side of the development of the knitwear industry colorful flags, through the “create town, Paul town, famous town “This process, enhance their sense of honor and responsibility, and strive started” Ancient Village knitting “This regional brands.

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