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How bad do you want it

How bad do you want it? 

With every client I work with, I am reminded of three of the key elements absolutely necessary for success in creating change in our lives and organizations. We have to want it. We have to be willing to make the time, space and energy to do the work and hold the intentions to get it. And we have to take ownership for our results. No excuses. No blaming. No passing the buck. No “I’m so busy my goals have to go to the bottom of the priority list.” No “Somebody else has to change.” Nope, I’m talking, full responsibility and ownership for achieving the results we say we want. Period. 

It’s okay if we’re not totally clear on what we want (in fact, much of my work is done helping people find that for themselves and, for some, it can take years to find “the thing” – so for those out there that are unclear, rest assured you’re not alone.) What is important is that there is a commitment and a yearning to be awake to the process, to see where we might be part of the “problem,” to pro-actively seek and take the time, to be willing to look and find the “no, not that’s” in our lives and to make conscious room in our lives to work on finding the big “YES.” 

For when someone knows where they want to go and they truly want it, they can committed to that end result. They can move. I don’t care how hard it is or how big a dream, if the commitment is there and they’re willing to create a plan (which may change, btw) and stick with it, they’ll get there. Doesn’t matter so much that it’s the “perfect plan or goal” but rather that they’re actively heading in that direction. They’re doing something to get what they want. And THAT is fulfilling. Engaging the challenges, stepping out of comfort zones and dealing with the unexpected along the way, becomes easier when we’re connected to that deep want and the compelling reasons we want it for. 

But you have to want it. And you have to take full responsibility for getting it. And then you can enjoy it….not just the result, but the process itself.

Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held

Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held. They are celebrations of accomplishments, the reaching of goals and more.

Interestingly, these events traditionally are called two different names as if they were synonyms: Commencement and Graduation.

As will be pointed out by countless speakers at these events, graduates need to think of this as a time of “commencement” – of a beginning – rather than an ending, culmination or graduation. Each of these speakers will be correct, of course, but I believe this wisdom falls short of being truly helpful or instructive.

The reason it falls short is because the speakers typically are talking about the moment or the event. While the difference in insight matters at the event, the real significance comes for the honorees after the event, based on the choices they make.

Graduates have made choices, consciously or not. And because of those choices…

Graduates have completed.

Graduates have succeeded.

Graduates have reached their goal.

Graduates have expertise.

Graduates have “climbed the mountain”, “reached the summit” and “grabbed the brass ring”.

Graduates are done.

Commencers have made choices too, but they are almost assuredly conscious. And because of those choices…

Commencers are beginning.

Commencers see a bright future.

Commencers have bigger goals in front of them.

Commencers are learners.

Commencers know that based on past experience they can continue to learn, grow and achieve more.

Commencers are just getting started.

The decisions made by these people are decisions that we all can make everyday – even if we haven`t put on a cap and gown in 40+ years (or if we never did).

When we decide consciously to be a commencer, we immediately change our results and the trajectory of our lives.

Here are five decisions that will change you from a graduate to a commencer, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you consciously make the decision:

Decide to be a beginner. Ask yourself: “Do I think I have the answers or am I a curious question asker?”

Decide to dream bigger. Ask yourself: “What do I really want to achieve, and what can I do today to move towards that accomplishment?”

Decide to be a leader. Ask yourself: “How can I make a difference in the world around me?”

Decide to be a learner. Ask yourself: “What can I learn today?”

Decide to enjoy the journey. Ask yourself: “What did I love about today, and what`s next?”

Regardless of your stage in life and regardless of your past choices, I urge you to consider these choices. Choosing the path of a commencer will change your life and your world for the better, forever.

That’s right, today is april 1st, 2010 and i am making my dreams come true

That’s right, today is April 1st, 2010 and I am making my dreams come true!

My husband and I have both quit our dead end jobs and are living a life style that most just dream about.

This is how I did it….

#1 – I stopped procrastinating and began to take action.
#2 – I found a true mentor with success and followed everything that they had done to become successful.
#3 – I read books, listened to audio recording, attended training calls & webinars and sponged up anything and everything to educate myself. Then I took action and implemented all that knowledge into a striving, successful business for myself.
#4 – I believed in myself.
#5 – I became a member of the most incredible unique Internet Marketing Business Model with people of the same mindset and who could teach me more…of everything.

You can be having the same conversation and telling your incredible testimony. Go now and get a pen and paper. I’ll wait here for you.

You’re back…good. Now follow the same steps as written above with your own affirmation.
See yourself in future and speak today as if the future was today. Give yourself a date, set your goal and put down a number of steps describing how you got “here”. As though someone was asking you…”Wow! How did you do that?”
Read this to yourself 2-3 times a day. The steps that you have written down that got you to where you are will fall into place, because these are the action steps you took to become the success that you are today (April 1st).

Get it…?

Live today like a leader! You are successful! Your dreams are becoming a reality! You have created a better a life style for you and your family!

Look in the mirror. What do you see?
You see a leader! The King/Queen of the jungle!

Don’t wait. Take Action NOW! Don’t “should” all over yourself come April 1st, 2010.

Become one of the 3% of the world’s population as Top Producing Entrepreneur!

To YOUR Success in 2010!!

Virginia Wild
Your Guide to Success

In any network marketing or home business a successful leader faces each day with excitement and anticipation of what they will learn and teach to others

In any network marketing or home business a successful leader faces each day with excitement and anticipation of what they will learn and teach to others. Their attitude is phenomenal and they are continuously creating new skills and always remain teachable. Remember it’s what you learn after you know everything that’s important.

Being a successful leader is not about competence it’s about attitude. It’s the hunger to discover and grow, it’s the hunger to learn and relearn. When you stop learning you stop leading. To be successful the only skill you need to learn is ‘to learn’. Teachable people are fully engaged in life and in discovery, they are excited about things and are always open to ideas and to new discussions and most importantly they are disciplined.

Successful people view learning differently from unsuccessful people they have a different attitude. A leader knows he still has much to learn even if others consider him an expert in his field. A loser wants to be considered an expert by others before he has learned enough to know how little he knows. There is so much to learn before one realises how little one truly knows!

Its such a tragedy because it seems that once people subconsciously get to a certain age where they are in this space of their own personal comfort they tend to retard their own growth. They get into a rut and rely on habits and excuses, they stop learning and their minds go into sleep mode until the end of their days.

Remember nothing is interesting if you’re not interested. If you can’t be teachable having talent wont help you, if you can’t be grateful having abundance wont help you, if you can’t be flexible having a goal wont help you and if you can’t be durable having a plan wont help you. So if you are struggling in your life or your network marketing business, not having the success you dreamed of have a look at the proven system I use and become a part of this inspiring community.

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