Auxiliary heating in the winter, the selection of electrical appliances and how to use home appliances , the majority of consumers are concerned about

Auxiliary heating in the winter, the selection of electrical appliances and how to use
Home Appliances
, The majority of consumers are concerned about. Reporters after consulting with experts in many household appliances, this sympathetically, and consumers want to share a secret.

When out of the basement

Electrical interview found that when consumers buy electric heater, electric heater invariably stood in front of test machine, in fact, this is not correct.

Store’s promoters told reporters that tests heater cooling effect, the best stand 3 meters away, so that effects of the most authentic experience, the most appropriate. According to reports, the market there is a plate-type heater, heat a larger area, and a variety of power options.

Select heater power according to room size can reduce energy consumption, experts recommend choosing an area with room to match the power of the heater.

Optional heater preferred “security”

Reporter has learned that safety is the primary factor in choosing room heaters. Consumers must be selected through the national compulsory 3C certification and a clear identification of products, careful selection is a clean break with the security risk completely, but also on themselves, their families, living room for winter.

In addition,
Is an important part of the current
Market has not the national energy efficiency standards, consumers in the purchase process, the focus from raw timber, energy consumption, temperature, noise, and so comprehensive judgments.

For the consumer, choose well-known professional in the regular store brand famous product is undoubtedly the most sensible choice.

Water Heater
See bladder

Currently on the market power
Water heater
Variety, which may render options. In fact, the key lies in the quality of water heater water heater liner, it must have heat, pressure, do not rust, leak characteristics, to achieve this characteristic lies in the choice of liner materials and liner production process .

Titanium liner can be divided into inner, crystalline silicon liner, stainless steel liner and the ceramic liner and other species. Titanium liner is the main water heater market, this liner, high strength, high temperature, corrosion resistance, stable performance, the service life of 10 to 20 years, the main brands Ariston, Macro, etc.. Silicon liner with no rust, high strength and resistance to chloride ion of the advantages of the market is relatively advanced liner technology, the service life of up to 10 to 20 years. Ceramic liner of the enameling process demanding, now more than imported brands, service life of up to 5 to 10 years.

In addition, after a good stainless steel liner weld treatment liner is less likely corrosion life of up to 5? 10 years, while electric water heaters, low-grade stainless steel liner weld the biggest risks is the material easy to change liner perishable, consumers should carefully purchase.

Clever use of appropriate energy saving

Winter use
Air conditioning
How is the air conditioning heating power users in particular issues of concern. First of all, reasonable to set the temperature contribute to air conditioning energy conservation, in general, maintained at room temperature in winter 18 ~ 22 , people feel more comfortable. Normally when setting low heating 2 , although the body does not feel very clear, but the air conditioning, the average can save nearly 10% of the electricity.

Second, we must pay attention to regulating air wind speed, wind direction. Just getting on air, the wind speed can be set high windshield, speeding up the room air and air-conditioning for heat exchange process, fast close to the set temperature, wind speed can be set to a low wind profile, this will save some energy. The proportion of hot and cold air for different heating to air conditioning when the best wind down, to improve the exchange of hot and cold air, to save battery power.

Have the temperature regulation of the electric blanket, can be 5 minutes to open a large file before going to bed, when the temperature reaches its comfortable, that is open to small files. On no high and low temperature control switch in the electric blanket, turn on the switch 5 minutes before going to bed, slept off, feel the cold again when the late night open 8 to 10 minutes. Thus, a saving of 50 degrees in winter to 80 degrees.

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