Bamboo crafts are divided into filaments and rough wind and string music compilation crafts crafts: 1, filament crafts description: 1

Bamboo crafts are divided into filaments and rough wind and string music compilation Crafts Crafts:
1, filament Crafts Description:
1.1 History and Culture: the main producing area in Sichuan, bamboo crafts porcelain body is a unique place in Chengdu handicrafts, originated in the mid-Qing Dynasty, which was mainly used as a tribute. Difficult because of morals, art must pass several times, the fifties through the re-excavation to resume production.
1.2 Bamboo Crafts features: porcelain body bamboo products a unique skills in order to fine reflexes have a “material selection, special filament, close to birth, secret hidden head, five color pictures,” the art features.
1.3 bamboo handicraft production process: the use of bamboo craft bamboo porcelain body is carefully selected from the free section of the Chengdu region, specialty ceramic bamboo, through the Po Zhu, roasted color to festival, stratified, fixed color, Calibrating, draw wire, pumping uniform and so on more than ten working procedure, all operated by hand to produce a fine bamboo. Porcelain body used bamboo bamboo sections are all rectangular, in the thickness and weight all have strict requirements, the thickness of only 12 hair thickness, width, and only 45 hair width, arrhizus bamboo knife through uniform, reaching thickness uniformity, thickness consistent, the audience are all praise be difficult. Porcelain body in the production process depends on bamboo hands and a knife for hand-woven, so that arrhizus bamboo according to tire shape, close to porcelain surface, all the joints of the Department should be hidden and not exposed, like the natural generation, seamless .
Porcelain body surface of bamboo products to use only a layer of bamboo fiber is very dense, at the same time a special treatment, can be resistant to drying, non-deformation, non-moth-eaten, water washable.
1.4 The regional production of bamboo crafts: porcelain body is only Sichuan bamboo products manufacturing, with its memorial, local Chinese and foreign guests to become the preferred tourist souvenirs. In particular, 5CM, 7CM series of small craft such as small and exquisite vases, as well as kung fu tea set, porcelain body portable bamboo products very popular with tourist guests of all ages. Foreign Affairs bamboo crafts porcelain body is also to do the reception staff to go abroad and domestic large-scale events gift gifts, souvenirs. Porcelain body and practical appreciation of bamboo products or a combination of practical crafts. Many Japanese guests and customers in Southeast Asia to buy back, not only as a craft to enjoy, but also as a reward or hospitality from the real products, even as a tea ceremony utensils.

   1.5 bamboo handicrafts Category: porcelain body style bamboo products according to the main altar is divided into bottle pack boxes with several major categories. Vase class has little to 5 CM’s single bottle, it will have to 145CM in 1000 bottles may be suitable for different occasions needs. Tan tank class has the cup, sugar jar, tea or other utensils.

   Bamboo bags, there are two six specifications of bamboo bag handbags and satchel. Bamboo boxes with bamboo tires, paper, tire, tire several lacquer, specifications 7CM, 9CM, 11CM, 13CM, 15CM and so on several, but also into a single box, inside the grid box and three sets of three boxes. A bamboo type is the main varieties of plants and technological advantage. Wrapped around the mouth over the pitch, porcelain, carefully weave different patterns, is porcelain body any other bamboo products and bamboo different and unique skills can best reflect the fine porcelain body with bamboo basketry known for feature areas. Divided by end-use wine with coffee, tea set, stationery, smoking paraphernalia, as well as kung fu tea, Japanese tea sets and tea sets, and so Ti Liang.

   Points according to specifications from the two sets of three sets of a bowl of wine to the 15 22 for a pack of coffee with both. By the end of the different materials used in tire, both porcelain body, pottery tire, tire paint, glass tire, but also the guests preferred the purple tire. According to process products of different porcelain body is divided into ordinary bamboo weaving, jacquard weaving and knitting colorful patterns. General weaving silk with bronze baked and decorated with geometric patterns are used for production of ordinary mass production. Jacquard weave the latitude and longitude with the width of Hsinchu black hair, easy to weave all kinds of single-color pattern characters handwriting, but also in order to weave a multi-panda logo, the main tea producing vases and other products. Colorful pattern woven into full play the characteristics of colorful silk, using a variety of skills, using a variety of colors woven out of the ever-changing pattern effects, more than for the production of exhibits, gifts and high-end boutique. There are infrequent use of skills provision, with sparse small parts, broken warp for warp knitting, Baptist color-coded, embossed parts, such as more than 20 kinds of three-dimensional series. Using colorful pattern weaving method can produce landscapes flowers and birds, birds and beasts, characters and stories lifelike patterns.

   Bamboo porcelain body in order according to tire, closely linked to tire at the end of its character and is bound by them. In recent years, factories to play a porcelain body bamboo arts, transplanted to the other end of tire and non-tire products, has developed a bamboo jewelry boxes and bamboo bags, bamboo and other new products, new varieties of animals. We will continue to work to create the future of bamboo porcelain body.

  Product General Category: porcelain body bamboo vase, bamboo tea set, coffee set, wine set, stationery, flat bamboo painting.

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