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So what is it about your boss, the people you are taking advice from, or your mentors that you may not know. This is a very interesting topic regarding success because we all view success through our own set of goggles but there are some commonalities between the people that succeed and the ones that fail. You may not know this but the people you are listening to may have no clue what they really are doing, or if they do they may not be teaching it correctly because what they are doing and what they are teaching may be two completely different things. In this article I will outline how to identify the winners from the losers with one basic technique.

So lets first identify a few reasons why we listen to some people. First they may be our supervisor or boss. Second, they may have written a book, or third they may have more money than you and seem like an authority on the subject.

The first one is probably the easiest to identify and perhaps the hardest to overcome because our bosses opinion of us keeps us employed. Your boss like any one of us at a point in their lives got to his position for standing out from among the crowd. But if that’s the case is he progressing in his career, someone that’s been in their position for a period of years and has been passed over for advancement may not be the best source of information or subject to emulate because it is obvious he has stopped his advancement. In other words he doesn’t know what it takes to get ahead and because he did it once does not mean he will do it again.  This is a key when deciding to listen to your boss, it may cost you your job but do you think hes going to help you get ahead of him, unlikely if hes in the position hes in, unless hes the nicest schmuck in the world.

Authors are another big category that we all fall into, how would we learn other than through apprenticeship or direct observation if it weren’t for books. We all seem to respect authors whether we agree with what they are putting on paper or not.  But have you ever considered that what your reading may by complete rubbish?  Just because someone has the ability to put ink to paper or type to text that they many have absolutely have no idea what their talking about. Or perhaps your favorite author may not have even written your favorite book. They may not even know what’s in the book because a ghost writer wrote it. Do you want to listen to an author that has to use some other persons name to get their ink across to readers?  Consider this carefully, is your source correct, are you getting the real deal or just some inferior copy with information that only sounds good?

The last one is about money. Now if your already listening to someone who has more money than you should consider yourself lucky if he’s so rich that he can buy his own country, he may just tell you how to do the same. If your goal is money you have to know if the person you are giving your attention came by it by chance, or actually earned it. Some people know how to earn money, some people have money but they earned it through means of singing, preforming, or inheritance and may have no business sense, and perhaps later may develop one. But if you can’t sing, or dance, or have any wealthy family members it’s likely you need to find the right mentor.  You need to know who to emulate, and you know who to emulate if that person has what you want. Know how much money you want to make and the way you want to make it and find a person that is doing it, then do what they are doing.

Now just because you find yourself a good teacher, who has what you want, and is willing to teach you or has material that you can use does not guarantee your success, you still have to do the action steps.  You should emulate your boss only if you want to be like him. You should consider that the author you are taking advice from may not have written the book or may not have any real applicable knowledge. And if the person who has money whom you are listening to is giving you advice make sure they earned it the way you want to earn money.  The technique outlined here is very simple. Find mentors that have what you want and do what they do, if you are chasing something that you want and are not getting git your obviously doing something wrong and need to rethink your strategy and perhaps even your dreams.

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