A look ahead to the future state of our economy

A Look Ahead To The Future State Of Our Economy

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk out to your mailbox and find money there day after day?

Did you ever drive by million dollar homes and wonder how those people got to be so successful? We did!

Didn’t you want to just go up and ring their doorbell and ask them how they became so wealthy? We wondered if they were smarter, luckier and even if they were in the “drug” business!

But we were amazed when we discovered the truth: They just know more than us!

I ran across an audio this morning that brought me back to some thoughts I’ve had over the last several years. Not to sound like I’m conceited or anything but I am absolutely proud of what we have created and who we have become in this life.

What intrigues me more though is the fact that we have no special schooling and only minimal (prior) business training – remember, we were in the construction industry before we started our network marketing business, yet, we created a lifestyle we see so many others only dream about.

As I was listening to this audio this morning Mark Yarnell talked about how he is “well read” and this is what has helped HIM create the lifestyle he has created as well.

When I first started my Network Marketing business, I have to say, I was close minded about reading or listening to anything UNLESS it had what I thought was the “meat” to builing my six figure income.

I remember a conversation with one of my uplines one time, when she was trying to get me to listen to other material that would help me “see through her eyes until I could see for myself”. And I told her, which was the truth, my eyes were not too good and reading books just didn’t work for me because I couldn’t focus for that long.

That was one of those conversations I mentioned earlier where I was yelled at, with tough love. My upline said to me “Well, you can listen, can’t you!” And she hung up on me!

Although it hurt to be “scolded” and hung up on, I wanted so much so to create the kind of lifestyle my upline had created. I wanted so much so to create the time freedom we didn’t have. I wanted so much so to show my kids that anything is possible.

So, reluctantly, and because I couldn’t quit (I would not allow my kids to see me as a quitter), I started my library of audios.

That was quite some time ago and what a journey it has been. I don’t know if you could say I am “well read” but I would say I am “well listened”. LOL

During this journey though, what really turned my world upside down and inside out was when I was given a 30 Day Mental Challenge.

This challenge involved giving up the newspaper and TV plus any negative associations for 30 days and instead, taking that time to listen to (or read) information/materials that will help me grow as a person and in business. I was given a promise that should I take on this challenge and follow it completely for 30 days that my business would increase and I would start attracting more “leaders” to my business.

I started that 30 Day challenge over 6 years ago now.

Every day, when I start my day, I begin by finding something new and challenging I can listen to and learn from to grow as a person and in turn, it always seems to help in the areas of growing my business as well.

Today, I came across an audio that totally gave me goosebumps when I listened to it because, if you remember from my original (who is) page, The Shift Movie, I don’t know if it makes sense to you but because of how I’ve connected myself with the information that just keeps moving me forward, I see things today I never saw before I joined my company and the Network Marketing Industy. I am “experiencing” The Shift myself, every day.

And so many times, when I think, “why are we here and why can’t others see what we see”, I wonder if it’s because others have not yet taken on that 30 day challenge themselves?

I posted something on one of my mentors MySpace comment page the other day about how the world has changed for me and how I’ve learned over time that when things don’t feel right and I want to re-act negatively inside or out that it’s my “higher self” telling me to stop and listen because there’s a lesson here I’m about to learn.

And he responded with: “Probably not. It’s just ‘memory’ and an opportunity to wash it away and open to the real voice of your higher self.”

Thank you Master Po (my nickname for this mentor). You are appreciated!

Over the years, because I took that 30 day challenge over 6 years ago, this has allowed me to learn from and align myself with some of the greatest minds in the Network Marketing Industry.

Today, although I read this man’s book several years ago, for what ever reason, I never took the time to learn anything else since then. But because I am still on the 30 day challenge, and am “always under construction”, so often, I find more of these great minds out there sharing yet some more incredible, life changing information.

And today was one of those days!

Why am I here today when so many others only dream of this life? Could it be because THEY have not yet taken the 30 day challenge?

Quoted from my Who Is Page: Who’s most likely to join your business and soak up everything this industry has to offer – Your couch potato mate or someone who attends seminars, reads books or listens to audios on self development and/or wealth creation and who bought items like Secret Of Deliberate Creation, Think and Grow Rich, Rich Dad Poor Dad?
Exactly. Anyone actively looking for and buying information on success, whether personal or business, is motivated to take action and make a difference in their lives!

As a result, people who are truly attracted to this kind of information ARE motivated, success oriented people that are tied to the type of information, success and business that goes hand in hand with the growth of this industry.

That’s why I NEVER cater to weakness when working with someone in my business. Neither should you.

You can listen, can’t you!

To listen to these audios you don’t even have to opt in, just go directly to http://www.kbmoneymaker.com/followup/principaless_interest.html

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