The leader must aspire for more than what they have

1.The Leader must aspire for more than what they have!

What is the point of entering the internet marketing scene if you don’t want to improve you standard of living, make life long friends and grow as a person? If you don’t want these 3, then don’t bother. If you don’t have a dream of what you would like your life to be like, get 1! Dreams are the beginnings of success.

2.The leader must have a superior mindset to those that they lead!

Your affiliates learn directly from you. For this reason you must have the best possible mindset. If you are negative all the time how can you expect your downline to be productive? Be positive! Always look for new ways to better yourself and your team. Show them how exciting the industry really is, otherwise you will end up sad and broke!

3.The leader is responsible and admits when they have made a mistake!

When you spend all your money on PPC advertising, using the wrong keywords because you haven’t done your research and you don’t get anywhere, don’t go complaining to your sponsor because they told you to use PPC advertising! Look at yourself every time something doesn’t go as planned and ask “why did this happen the way it did and what can I do to fix this”? Take the blame and learn from it! Don’t pass the buck, hit the books! You will only be successful if you admit your faults and learn from them.

4.The leader is a decision maker!

If you see an opportunity, exploit it! To get anywhere in this industry you must make decisions. Don’t hold back because you are afraid to commit! You must be willing to take risks in this business, be that purchasing a product to help you or spending your time trying something new. Just because you are unsure doesn’t mean you should not take action. Do your research, ask your upline and if it is sound, go for it!

5.The leader puts those they lead first!

If you are selfish and won’t help your own team you wont make a single cent! Every day, go out of your way to help those in your downline! They are the ones that will bring you success, every time you help them, you are helping yourself. Sometimes we all get greedy and don’t want to share something because of fear that we will no longer benefit from it. This is the worst possible attitude to have! Share everything you learn. Treat your people as they deserve to be treated and this alone will skyrocket your profits.

6.The leader sets the example by leading the troops into battle!

Make no mistake about it, you are competing against a massive market. There are millions of people making money off the internet that don’t want to see you succeed. The onus is on you to make the decisions needed to get ahead. Show your people what you are doing and why you do it. They need to learn from experience so provide them with it! Every time you try something, let them know how it goes so they don’t waste their time and money!

7.The leader displays integrity and character!

If you do the dodgy, what sort of example are you setting to your people? If they see you doing something wrong and your benefiting from it, they will do it, and before we all know it, the industry is in disrepute and no one wants a part of it! Be truthful and don’t lie to someone when they ask you a question. If you don’t know, tell them you’ll find the answer and get back to them.

Make sure you show your personality. Don’t reply to an email with a one word answer. Get to know your people and interact, create a relationship! Without this you are simply a name on a screen. Once you start to build friendships you will be amazed to notice your profits growing!

8.The leader strives for success!

Don’t do anything by halves. If your not going to do it properly, don’t do it at all. If people see bad work they will pay no attention. You will waste your time and money unless you use all the tools you have to make the best possible product. NEVER give up! The second you put down tools and walk away, all your hard work is lost! The industry is a hard egg to crack, but once you crack it, it’s the best darn egg you’ll ever eat!

9.The leader strives for personal growth!

If you think you are perfect I suggest you go challenge god to a duel. Everyone can better themselves! There are so many resources on self improvement on the internet its not funny! Use all of these to your advantage. As you grow as a person, your business will follow suit. The way you react to situations, the way you converse with people, the way you look at something and the way you see yourself are all things you can improve to give yourself the “edge” in the industry!

10.The leader is the definition of persistence and determination!

When time get tough…and they will, it is the leader who pushes forward! The leader does not take “NO” for an answer. The leader is constantly moving forward and giving no ground to the enemy! Who is the enemy? FAILURE! Let failure retreat. The leader is determined to be successful and will not fail! Look at yourself in the mirror and ask “am I a leader”?

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