Entering in 2008 has intensified competition in the domestic furniture market

    80, will subvert the furniture industry
    1, 2009 furniture industry is the winter period
Entering in 2008 has intensified competition in the domestic furniture market. 2008 year, which has led to a large number of furniture manufacturing and sales companies unable to pay wages, intermittent shutdown or bankruptcy, including some larger, more well-known brand inward-looking enterprise. However, this is just the beginning, in 2009 the domestic furniture market demand is the lowest valley, the most competitive year, more companies will be inevitable eliminated. , The market will pick up.
    Second, get through the cold of winter does not mean that we can enjoy the warmth of spring, as the emerging consumer groups will have to overturn the traditional definition of consumer products. The development of the domestic furniture consumer market to return to 2007 levels before the cycle is normally low compared with the faster access to more than double. I estimate that by the end of 2009 the domestic market began to pick up in 2010 began to fall into the next golden age of development of the industry. However, that can support a golden period of development to the next company will be able to become a winner on it?
    The answer is no. Perhaps, but suffered more and more, after the ravages of time than others to fall a bit too late Bale. Among these the most important and common reason is because the major domestic furniture from the 70s consumer groups of consumers born before the transition to the new students born after 80 years of consumer groups. New consumer groups and traditional consumer groups on the rise in the consumer concept of the nature of change.
    This change completely rewriting the content of consumer products – that is, the value of a product’s physical features as the main body, the general aesthetic value of the secondary to the physical function of the value of a product based on individualized aesthetic value of the main changes in appearance.
    This emerging consumer values, makes the traditional, physical properties of the product design and production as a core business value of the enterprise are increasingly outdated. Because the concept of the new point of view of goods, such enterprises were no longer available in the market a complete product, but rather the lack of aesthetic value of the personalized product.
    In fact, leading to the furniture industry into the current predicament of the most important reason in addition to rising production costs, the international financial turmoil and the real estate and other macro-economic environment at this stage, as well as the U-turn lead to export enterprises further intensified competition in the industry and excess, another is a fundamental reason is that the furniture industry, lack of innovation in product design patterns, resulting in the appearance image of a single product and a high degree of similarity can not be personalized to meet the emerging aesthetic of consumers demanding.

    Third, the old and new values of consumption, the essential difference between – VS instrumental purpose.
    Once, in large and display strong consumer market early stages of development, cheap and has the overall better-grade, high-priced, high-brand recognition implicit in the superior sense of identity more hit with consumers. Whether it is automobiles, household appliances, clothing, shoes, socks, or drink was like that.
    However, in recent years, such a rule in many industries produced significant changes, and even going to be completely subversive – personalized product design has become the process of consumer spending to meet the spiritual needs of the most intuitive and important the spirit of the carrier .
    Now, in mobile phones, cars, housing, personal items, furniture, daily necessities and other consumer markets, personalized designs are the product’s market performance has become the most decisive factor. We need only look at the car on the road or car park, even if only three years ago, the mainstream style, and now it is much cheaper than the new models than many have also become out of date – lost to the owner to gain face value. This means that the product has been built on a symbol of social and performance upstart mentality and decadent aristocracy complex aesthetic concept of universal consumption of the product designs have changed with the current socio-economic, cultural, and speed the rapid development of Xiu.
    This change in the 70 years before the birth of consumer spending power occupy the mainstream of the times it is difficult to emerge. This is the new generation of post-80 brought the power consumption, global emerging consumption typical of the era.
    In addition to this change because people’s living standards improve, more importantly, by the western developed countries, consumer attitudes, business values, and self-entered the information era, the world’s next generation of consumers of traditional cultural values, lack of inheritance and psychological exclusion a combination of factors such as the impact of the reason.
    Although more and more emphasis on the traditional consumer groups to meet the spiritual needs of consumption. However, compared with the new consumer groups, and they will become more secular.
    For the traditional consumer groups, the consumption of home decoration and furniture in addition to practical functions, the psychological demand is very simple and uniform, but the “face to the guests the exhibition project” and “standing one’s own heart of hearts Root thick pillars to prop up their fragile minds “work. Also, always want to once and for all – long-term impact, although this illusion will soon be shattered.
However, the new consumer group is different, their consumption needs of more and more reflect the aesthetic of self-worth in order to meet the characteristics of identity, so they demand for the product has a very diverse aesthetic characteristics. More often, it does not require the value realization in the public’s face, eyes, or compliment the rhetoric confirmed.
    For the 80 post-consumer, sales of furniture currently on the market has undoubtedly become the pursuit of fashion in the home during the biggest obstacle. If we have any doubt, then take a look at other household product design industry, the status of good, in particular, is the same as a large area, the background of products, such as tile, wallpaper, curtains and so on. If your house even if it is renovated three years ago, and now and then to decorative materials store you see, you will find your house with decorative materials, is now simply have old fashioned compared to the Buxing Le.

     4, personalized look and feel creative design for furniture industry, the importance of the development – shorter cycles of consumption and expand the scale of consumption.
     In fact, all consumer products industry to a stage of relatively saturated flocked to reduce product consumption cycle approach to expand the consumer market demands. Early shorten the product consumption cycle is usually rely mainly on new technologies and features, while the latter is necessarily more personalized products depends on the aesthetic value of innovation. This is the inexorable law of development of human needs, is unstoppable.
    Through personal consumption, shorten the product design cycle approach is mainly manifested in relatively mature industries or high technology industries rely on relatively small, such as clothing, tableware, household commodities, handicrafts, home decoration, food, toys and other industries. Even with high-tech industries, a high degree of saturation in the market because the product will be a state of personalized design and greatly shorten the product consumption cycle. In recent years, consumers change the frequency of mobile phones is very high, among which there are few consumers are really useful new features in order not to plan the replacement of fresh style and it? Now even the cell phone decoration has become a small industry.
    If we say that the value of product features based on market demand is a natural demand, then the individual aesthetic based on product demand is clearly the characteristics of creative needs.
    Demand in the natural state, the current market size depends primarily on the actual needs of today’s consumers, consumer prices, the market supply – these three factors. Clearly, in these three elements, the first element for the commercial power is uncontrollable, while the second element of the traditional industries in the short to medium term is not much has changed. As for the third element, nor are individual enterprises can be easily changed or controlled. Therefore, the demand in the natural state, traditional industries, the market size of commercial power control is minimal in an extremely passive position.
    However, in the consumer products personalized aesthetic era of the passive position of commercial power has been fundamentally improved. This is because:
     1, in the consumer demand for the product function under natural conditions, the product features and consumer demand should be and is relatively stable, increasing or changing the product features are often meant for businesses to face considerable difficulties and enormous The economic costs.
     2, the products, the value of aesthetic value of the composition of the increasing proportion of the consumer whether to replace the new product is no longer depends solely on whether the loss of use value of existing products or new products to replace the old product is more cost-effective in the economic level of the. Because, for the new generation of consumers, personalized with the aesthetic value of equal importance and value in use, or even greater than that (such as household commodities, clothing has long been the case).
     Personalized designs for expanding the size of the current furniture market consumption effect is bound to be obvious, but also for the survival of furniture industry is also of decisive significance. Because the furniture the appearance of the aesthetic value of individual product value will become an important component of the composition, the lack of it, the product is incomplete, and who would have to buy a crippled product home?

     5 Conclusion
     To sum up, the new changes in the old concept of consumer spending as well as the inexorable law of the times and market development point of view, reflect the needs of individual consumers to the aesthetic value of furniture products to become an irreversible core element of competitiveness of their products. Enterprises are to the next round of economic recovery in large-scale development of products to create a comparative advantage, and thus rapid development, it must as soon as possible to change the traditional product development, design patterns, to explore an individual can meet the emerging needs of consumers the new model.
     Contemporary fashion design industry is based on the performance of individual consumers to the most representative of beauty and fashion trends of the industry, so we may put this performance aesthetic needs of individual customers to develop innovative furniture design pattern known as the “fashion-oriented model of development and design of furniture.”

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