If you are confused on what a mastermind is all about, here are some basics that will help you to make the most out of your mastermind experience

If you are confused on what a MasterMind is all about, here are some basics that will help you to make the most out of your MasterMind experience.  

These are our EIGHT tips we have found to be quite helpful to enhance your success as a fellow MasterMinder. 

As you may already know there has been an increase awareness of the MasterMind and therefore an increase in the use of the term as a service to help you with your success.  MasterMinds can be personal or business focused.  They can be specific or general.  Some may have been formed by “connected” friends or colleagues, while others are facilitated coaching groups that you pay to join. 

Be aware!  Not all MasterMinds are created equally 

MasterMind groups will provide ideas, concept development, problem support and a form of accountability.  The depth and focus of a group can vary–widely.  No matter what your structure or affiliation, here are EIGHT tips to enhance your return on investment of your time, money and energy and therefore, how you can achieve exponential payoffs from your MasterMind group. 

The use of the term has come to mean a lot of different things to different people.  Here at the IMAG, our source is Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich!”  He states, 

“The Master Mind may be defined as coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose.” 

The operative words here are definite purpose.  Always keep this in mind when searching for and accepting to be in a MasterMind group.  With that lets get started! 

TIP #1:  Know and be honest with yourself about the purpose of being in a Mastermind group.  This is probably the most important to achieving exponential success from your time spent in a MasterMind group.  So, go ahead and write down your whys and the tangible results you are looking for from being in a MasterMind.  

·        What kind of economic payoff are you seeking? 

·        Are you hoping to shorten and ease your path to opening a business? 

·        Are you looking to connect with people with experience-based knowledge outside of your industry? 

Remember, an idea is just an idea until it becomes a tangible plan and it is acted on. Will being part of a MasterMind get you physically closer to your goal? 

It is wise to know the results you are seeking for two important reasons.  The first is that you can easily get side-tracked into a group that sounds exciting, but at the end of the day (more like several months or even a year) you won’t have gotten what you had needed. 

The second important reason is when you are a lone-ranger with excitement and ideas that no one around you understands or wants to understand, the support of other people with a like mind, body and spirit will make you feel good.  If that is your purpose…if that is what you are seeking…GREAT!  If you are looking for more tangible results…within a specific timeframe…you’ve got to know this to ensure you align yourself with that type of group. 

The third reason is knowing your desired results will also help you to figure out how much getting into a group is WORTH.  Not only does this equate to time and energy, but in monetary terms.  How much are you willing to pay for the results you are seeking? 

Be aware, a lot of groups will tell you that if your success is important to you…money isn’t the issue.  They are absolutely right!  Therefore, YOU must know what you are trying to achieve to be able to know what your intentions are and how important they are to you to achieve them! 

TIP #2:  Select a group that fits your purpose.  Once you know what you want and the purpose of being part of a MasterMind…you can now start your search for a group that fits your purpose.  There are a lot of MasterMind groups and all of them look great…which one will be GREAT for you? 

Remember one major element of a MasterMind, according to Napoleon Hill, is that the knowledge and effort is for the attainment of a definite purpose.  If you don’t know what your purpose is, how can you expect the group to know to deliver what you need? 

TIP #3:  Provide honest, positive and supportive feedback.  Once you’ve joined your group, you must provide honest, positive and supportive feedback.  This is much easier to do, if the group is aligned well with your purpose. 

Make sure that all three elements are part of your feedback.  Do a quick check of what you’re about to say before you speak.  If your input is honest and positive…is it supportive to the person you are about to give input to?  If it is supportive, is it honest and positive?  If it is positive and supportive, is it honest?  

Question yourself and do your best at providing honest, positive and supportive feedback to yourself and the other members. Remember, what you give is what you will receive. As you provide feedback, always check and take personal responsibility to this tip seriously. 

TIP #4:  Assimilate the feedback you receive into your thoughts.  As a member of a MasterMind you WILL receive great out of the box ideas.  So you must not brush them aside and pick only the ones that make sense at the time.  Although you may not think you are ready for these ideas, they may be exactly what you may need after you spend a little bit of time with them. 

They may be just the right “in-the-stars” ideas and close enough for you to implement with not much effort!  Let them trigger possibility thinking that can help you get past the probability thinking we all tend to have.  

TIP #5:  Translate your thoughts into written target POSSIBILITIES.  As we receive these “in-the-star” gold nuggets from our fellow masterminders…spend a little bit of time on them now.  If you don’t they may be lost forever! 

Write them down with any other thoughts that may have come up.  Don’t worry about the “how”.  All you are doing is taking it out of your mind and putting it on paper to allow you to do three important actions. 

·        Trigger new thought that may help you with a more current situation. 

·        Put these away for a later time to explore and continue to transform. 

·        Free up your mind to accept and focus on more immediate plans.  

TIP #6:  Create action plans for those possibilities you want to actualize now.  Dreams,thoughts, ideas can not be transformed into tangible results unless put into a plan.  Put your best foot forward and put your energy in identifying the needed activities, steps or tasks, materials, resources and even connections.  Build plans with as much information to help you to move forward.  It will help you to align with the type of knowledge and help to produce what you need. 

The more you can identify, the easier it will be to identify the right “people” to help you with your business. 

TIP #7:  Act upon these plans.  Ok, now you’ve got the plan…now you need to act and move forward. Remember, a plan is just a plan.  It will sit in your brain or on the shelf until you act upon it. 

Here’s another thought from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich… 

“…if your plan is comprehensive and are contemplating large proportions, you must induce others to cooperate with you.” 

In other words you must use others to actualize your plan.  At the least you will probably need (and want) someone with technical advice or specialized knowledge.  You will also want someone with experienced-based knowledge in your bullpen or on your payroll.  In addition to helping you to communicate and delegate, plans can help you explore new possibilities and ideas…and connect you with new and exciting people.   

TIP #8:  Set up an accountability system.   A plan is a must!  A written plan is your blueprint to success!  A good accountability system helps you to keep focused.  It gives you the necessary reminders to ensure you do what you say or intend!  

An accountability system could be as formalized as written milestones in your plan, a hired project manager or as simple as verbalizing it to your MasterMind group.  Here’s a note of caution…plans will probably need to be modified for a variety of reasons.  So don’t feel you can’t change the plan to accommodate unforeseen changes or in-the-star good nuggets.  The accountability system is there to keep you in check…not to beat you up! 

In closing, a MasterMind group will provide you with ideas, concept development, problem support and a form of accountability and is a great benefit to any entrepreneur, new or seasoned, solo or well established.  The tips offered here is a recipe on how YOU can achieve exponential success from YOUR MasterMind Group!”

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