Locks, the word will inevitably be unfamiliar to ordinary people, but the locks this product is absolutely a necessity in our lives, from the house, car locks, to the password box on the lock, it is actually always are present in our life there, but we rarely focus on it

Locks, the word will inevitably be unfamiliar to ordinary people, but the locks this product is absolutely a necessity in our lives, from the house, car locks, to the password box on the lock, it is actually always are present in our life there, but we rarely focus on it.
In recent years, China’s lock industry has been rapid development now has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of locks. At present, the domestic lock industry reached 40 billion yuan with annual sales of more production capacity more than 2 billion units, the annual export volume more than 10 billion yuan. The future of China’s market will continue to lock more than 20% a year growth rate. Look at an industry-related event is a microcosm of the future the country will also appear by the world’s second-largest hardware show – China International Hardware Show in preparation locks thematic exhibitions, while vigorously promoting the development of the industry in China locks also prove that the lock a limitless future of the industry.
But the 2008 outbreak of the international financial crisis on China’s lock industry had no small influence, and China’s current lock-scale enterprises are relatively small, the lack of brand appeal, products with low added value, quality, poor quality … … These factors have China locks in regulating development of the industry.
Then, lock industry has to face in the end, the “cup with” or “wash with” mean?
“Wash with”: the opportunity for post-crisis era
In 2008, the world broke out in severe financial crisis, China’s light industry and manufacturing also suffer greatly. In particular, export-oriented Chinese hardware industry, locks, natural spared. But time has arrived, in early 2010, with the country stimulate domestic demand, increased investment, and so many “rescue” policy results show that China has entered the post-crisis era, lock industry, has begun out of the woods. Domestic demand, the state launched the protection of the comfortable housing project, rural infrastructure construction, railways, highways, airports and other infrastructure construction, earthquake reconstruction work, etc., all need a lot of hardware products, including locks product. This lock enterprises, can be said to be a good news. At the same time, the recent domestic real estate market was on fire, a large number of new real estate construction also contributed to lock products.
Along with the increase in export tax rebates, published a series of policies to stimulate exports, and international lock markets thaw, the demand for Chinese products, a significant recovery in lock, locks the industry’s survival export business also began to rise. It can be said to re-lock the industry into a high-speed development period, producers have also ushered in new opportunities.
At present, China lock products, orders and exports have almost recovered to the level before the financial crisis, and it Gejia lock manufacturers have been full steam ahead again put into production. Can be predicted that in 2010, China’s lock industry, once again usher in rapid development and growth, this situation is definitely a “wash with.”
Influential in the industry ’09 China International Hardware Show, with several hundred exhibitors around the lock, and most enterprises are at the show to get the order, receiving positive response. This proves the urgent need to lock Enterprise platform for such a professional, they have to seize opportunities in post-crisis era desire and vision.
“Cup with”: poor product quality and grade
Non-well-known actor ??? crosstalk in one of his comic dialogue scripts which said phrase: “That’s the root of noodles a barrel lock on the Canal opened, a pack of instant noodles able to open a cell.” Speaking is a joke, but it also reflects a problem: the lock is now our product quality needs to be improved!
Crosstalk scripts are naturally exaggerated his best, but the fact was long ago shown before, if not of our locks are noodles Tong Kai, but the quality is not very tough. Lock products a major indicator of quality is the product of mutual opening rate, which is the same key able to open several locks, the same lock can use a few keys to open probability. Currently the world’s leading brands in each lock to open rate was only a few ten thousandth, the lock excellent brands of domestic mutual opening rate was 1/6000 so, but some are not formal, does not produce strength Lock Factory Mutual opening rate products but up to one-thirtieth, such locks, security and reliability on the bad.
In addition, the current lock industry in China is still in the relatively backward state, while the average selling price is also low lock, we have investigated only Britain, the United States and other countries 1 / 15. In other countries, are usually more expensive than locking the door to expensive, because the door lock is the heart. Current foreign development of new varieties of locks are very active, many new materials, new technologies, new technology continuously applied to the locks on the industry, compared with the innovative capability of Chinese lock company is still relatively weak.
Product quality is not high, it means that we can only rely on the export of lock products low prices to attract customers, will only occupy the low-end market, can only rely on low labor costs to make food to eat, which is not so tasty meal mouth , nor is it able to eat from time to time Dun Dun. Therefore, to avoid the product quality, not up, the quality of low-grade “cup with” make good use of export volume surge in post-crisis era of good opportunities, but also requires us to lock companies continue their efforts to develop new technologies, and effectively improve product quality, to for future efforts to eat the meal.
To achieve the goal of upgrading technological transformation is bound to go out, to be able to see the foreign advanced products to international customers and the matter sorted out brands interact and learn. In last year’s China International Hardware Show, there are many international metal lock brands and international customers to come to exhibitors purchasing, it also locks the domestic enterprises to provide a good exchange of learning, increase the order platform. The 2010 China International Hardware Show will also be September 28 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, there will be more international appearance of new products and major clients, show, continue to promote China’s enterprises to go lock step.
As can be seen, for now a critical stage in the development of enterprises in China locks, just past 2009 is “Cup wash” Cross year. But winter is over, China’s lock industry will usher in a bright spring.

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