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It is vital to have proper leadership coaching in an organization

It is vital to have proper leadership coaching in an organization.  It is unfortunate that in many companies, management teams have no clear understanding of how to lead.  The default for them is to micro manage others by pushing out their chest feathers and showing “who’s in charge”.  Hundreds of books exist on how to best lead a team of people and have an amazing concept between them; however you cannot effectively learn how to lead people from pages in a book.

The position you hold may hold a title of leadership, but it doesn’t mean that you automatically exude the leadership qualities.  Keep in mind; even the largest corporations have CEO’s that do not know how to effectively manage others.  Other employees of the company may have been with the company for 20 years and know their job inside and out.  Does this mean they know how to coach others?  It is important for a leader to gain respect, confidence and above all – TRUST – of their employees.  What is the first two ways to do that?  Treat them like a human; not a number and be able to do their job!  If you are willing to do their job from time to time, they are willing to go above and beyond for you most of the time.

Do you need to be over 40 to be a good leader?  Absolutely not!  Age does not matter in the least when it comes to leadership skills.  It has to do with personality.  If you have the natural leadership qualities it takes to be an amazing leader, you don’t need to be 40.  Quite a few 20 year olds hold an important leadership position!  You see, a great leader is not noticed for the title, but for the ability to motivate the team consistently; one who is always searching for new ways to motivate and improve standards.  In the effort to improve standards, the leader needs to identify weaknesses in the company and present and/or implement solutions to assist the company in gaining strength.

Another important quality of a great leader is education.  Not the degree itself.  It is all about the education on the company they work for and the understanding they have of all of the intricate details of the company.  Without this, how could the leader make a well informed decision about the company that would benefit everyone?  Is the leader able to adapt to any situation?  In the corporate world, the fancy term is “change management”.  There are those employees that are unfortunately labeled “change inept”.  We think of them as those who will come close to having a panic attack and the mention of change.  Why label them?  Why not apply the leadership skills you have and work with them to make the transition as easy as possible?

In leadership coaching , it is not training, it’s an attitude!

What do you better than anyone else

What do you better than anyone else? Why does (will) your target customer group prefer your solution above other solutions?

No-one will support a me-too business that it not doing anything different. It is important to be able to convey this point of difference clearly and concisely. There should be no misunderstanding on this. 

Do you (or intend) to compete based on lower prices (not generally sustainable over the longer term), on the product/service you offer and its features or on being more closely aligned with a particular customer group? Why will your chosen strategy be adopted by your customers?

4.     Sustaining Competitive Advantage

How will you retain your position of preference?

Potential supporters want to be reassured that you can make it over the longer term, and not be taken over by a competitor or alternative solution entering the market. Can your new way of doing things be easily replicated? What IP protection do you have, and what barriers to entry or exit will you exploit?

Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held

Across the country each spring thousands of graduation events are held. They are celebrations of accomplishments, the reaching of goals and more.

Interestingly, these events traditionally are called two different names as if they were synonyms: Commencement and Graduation.

As will be pointed out by countless speakers at these events, graduates need to think of this as a time of “commencement” – of a beginning – rather than an ending, culmination or graduation. Each of these speakers will be correct, of course, but I believe this wisdom falls short of being truly helpful or instructive.

The reason it falls short is because the speakers typically are talking about the moment or the event. While the difference in insight matters at the event, the real significance comes for the honorees after the event, based on the choices they make.

Graduates have made choices, consciously or not. And because of those choices…

Graduates have completed.

Graduates have succeeded.

Graduates have reached their goal.

Graduates have expertise.

Graduates have “climbed the mountain”, “reached the summit” and “grabbed the brass ring”.

Graduates are done.

Commencers have made choices too, but they are almost assuredly conscious. And because of those choices…

Commencers are beginning.

Commencers see a bright future.

Commencers have bigger goals in front of them.

Commencers are learners.

Commencers know that based on past experience they can continue to learn, grow and achieve more.

Commencers are just getting started.

The decisions made by these people are decisions that we all can make everyday – even if we haven`t put on a cap and gown in 40+ years (or if we never did).

When we decide consciously to be a commencer, we immediately change our results and the trajectory of our lives.

Here are five decisions that will change you from a graduate to a commencer, and the questions you can ask yourself to help you consciously make the decision:

Decide to be a beginner. Ask yourself: “Do I think I have the answers or am I a curious question asker?”

Decide to dream bigger. Ask yourself: “What do I really want to achieve, and what can I do today to move towards that accomplishment?”

Decide to be a leader. Ask yourself: “How can I make a difference in the world around me?”

Decide to be a learner. Ask yourself: “What can I learn today?”

Decide to enjoy the journey. Ask yourself: “What did I love about today, and what`s next?”

Regardless of your stage in life and regardless of your past choices, I urge you to consider these choices. Choosing the path of a commencer will change your life and your world for the better, forever.

Self-storage units may seem to be a non-utilitarian option

Self-storage units may seem to be a non-utilitarian option. However, when you look at it closely, you will realize the difference they can make to your life.  Self-storage unit is the most convenient, secure and cost effective way of storing your belongings. It can be of great help when you move your home or need more space in your existing house. Though many people believe in trashing unwanted stuff, but when something has an emotional value, it is difficult to throw it away. For instance, a collection of photographs, or may be greeting cards or paintings etc. These things may not have monetary value, but they can be close to your heart. Lack of space is no reason to give up on such stuff.

A self-storage unit has multiple utilities. Apart from small articles, you can also store large furniture items in it. So if you have been thinking of renting your apartment and don’t know what to do with the furniture, then it is good to lock it up in a self storage unit.  What’s more? You can also park your car in a unit. Yes, this is true. Some self-storage units also offer car-parking facilities. Now, that you know how useful a unit can be, you would surely like to know how to choose the right storage facility.

How To Choose The Right Storage Facility?


Look for the below mentioned features while you select a storage unit.

*  Customer service – The support services of a unit should be round the clock. A 24 X 7 access would mean that you could access your stuff anytime. Moreover, polite and courteous staff is always a good sign.

*  Transport facility – Look for a unit that offers transport from your home to the location of storage facility. This way, the storage company will take care of packing the stuff and moving it. So you don’t have to hire the services of packers and movers to take your stuff to the storage unit. Moreover, they also provide climate-controlled vehicles, so if you wish to store perishable items or delicate items like paintings on paper, stamp collection etc, it can be transported in special vehicles. Not just that, the storage unit is also climate controlled to avoid damage due to humidity or extreme cold.

*  Security measures – Look for safety and security measures of the storage units. After all, you don’t want to lose your valuables. Keeping the entry restricted only for members, biometric systems or card systems is an ideal way of protecting the units from theft. Apart from that, alarm systems, fire protection, natural calamity protection etc are some other factors that should be considered before hiring a unit.

*  Location – This is a very important factor. A facility that is too far can be a headache; you will have to drive up to the place every time. Look for a facility that is close to your home or office.

*  Charges – A storage unit that is located centrally may charge higher fees, so research well and look for a facility that charges reasonably and offers quality services.

The utilities of a self storage unit are many. It is for you to make the best use of this facility.

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