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According to wikipedia, procrastination is a type of behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time

According to Wikipedia, Procrastination is a type of behavior which is characterized by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. In other words procrastination stems from laziness, fear, and being unappreciative. So how do we get past this terrible disease? Here are 5 steps on how to do it:

1) Priorities
-Ask yourself what do you want?
-How bad do you want that?
-What are you willing to do to get what you want?
-Fast forward your decisions and look at the outcome. Is this the outcome you want? Will you regret it?

2) Have a Plan Of Action/ Schedule.
-Get a yearly planner. I recommend "At-A-Glance".
-Make a "To Do List" based on your priorities.
-Plan out your schedule the night before and on the weekend before the new week begins.
-Set small doable goals to accomplish for the day and week.
-Start creating minor victories by hitting these goals.
-This will help you build up your confidence.
-Every 4 weeks increase your goals by 15-25%, depending on how large your goals are and what you feel comfortable with.
-Stretch to hit these goals!

3) Follow Your Plan. (Here’s where most people go wrong)

4) Associate yourself with someone who will keep you in check.
-Someone you may look up to.
-Someone who has the results you want.
-Someone you respect.

5) Always check yourself.
-Don’t get comfortable once you get to a better place.
-Look at your previous week and see what adjustments need to be made.
-Keep yourself humble and always stay green. Green means be willing to learn and pay attention to everything.

If you can follow these 5 steps then you can kill the enemy: Procrastination.

Do you know that the mind often plays tricks on you

Do you know that the mind often plays tricks on you?

To understand how, let me introduce you to Kate. Kate lives and works in California but she knows there is more to be made with MLM than in with a traditional job so she signed-up with a business; Masters of Wealth (fictional), a company selling self-help products about (how funny), the powers of the mind to manifest abundance. Kate did some research and found out that Internet Marketing is the revolutionary way to promote a product, a service or a business so she bought a course and started studying the secrets of Internet marketing. She has always been a straight-A student and learning these new principles seems quite easy. She is talented and attracts a fair amount of leads to her opt-in page in a short period of time. All seems to go well until…the phone rings!

As the number is hidden, she intuitively knows it must be a prospect. You might wonder: “How can she be so successful at generating traffic and getting leads and then be frightened by a call from a person potentially interested in what she has to offer?” But Kate can’t help it. The sales world has always made her feel quite anxious and marketing on Internet was a nice way to avoid making or receiving calls. Her heart skips a beat. The friendly handset used to receive nice messages from kind friends is now perceived as a threat. Paralyzed, Kate can’t control all the thoughts running through her mind:

“Pick it up, what are you waiting for?”, “Hello, there is someone on the line, he won’t wait forever!”, “It must be a prospect, what do I say, what if I sound weird to him?”, “What am I supposed to say?”, “And what if he asks a question I can’t answer?”, “But if I don’t do it, I might miss a sale”, “I am strong, I can do it…really?”, “Yes I am strong,… just pick it up Kate, come on”,

Kate picks up the phone and takes a deep breath…


The conversation goes smoothly at her astonishment and John, her prospect is happy to know there is a person to contact in case he needs helps. He needs a little bit more time to make his decision on the sale but promises to get back to her and wishes her a very nice day.

So now, what do you think your mind is going to do? It is going to play one of its favorite games: making it sound like it was nothing (unless of course, you have never had any issues with self-esteem in your whole life which would make you an exception).

Do you hear the voice at the back of your mind? Listen carefully:

“That was not a big deal, was it? Every sales person get phone calls like this every day! Why making a fuss about it!? Kate, you haven’t done anything special you know!”

Depending on the situation, your mind might scream for danger, begs you to run away, giving you an infinite number of reasons why you should not do what frightens you justifying it’s for your protection but once you have stepped out of your comfort zone, what does it do? It tells you that you didn’t do anything special!

When you hear this voice, recognize it is your mind playing tricks on you. Don’t listen to it, you do deserve to celebrate. If you are in Kate’s shoes, you have had the courage to act despite your fear and fear was great, remember? It is time to treat yourself; wether it costs you nothing like writing down your new achievement in a journal dedicated to your victories, small and big, or take a break from your work and reflect on your win or maybe you want to go out with friends you have not seen in a long time or going to the movies? You choose what treat will make the event count but make sure you do choose to celebrate in some way!

It is too easy for your mind to make you feel like it was not important. If you listen to it,  you’re set to be unhappy most of the time since it will always find an excuse why your wins are not so important implying that you never perform well enough, that you are not perfect whatever you do. If you celebrate each victory however, no matter how small it may seem, you will reinforce positive beliefs about you and about what you are really capable of doing!

Happy celebrations!

Thank you to Marjean Holden who inspired me to write this post. Her teachings at the Enlightened Warrior Training Camp in Malaysia (October 2009) were profound and very inspiring!

The pyramid resource group, inc

The Pyramid Resource Group, Inc

June 14, 2007

Contact: Alison Kramer, 919-459-8157,

Pyramid Resource Group Expands its International Presence in Europe and Beyond
The Pyramid Resource Group offers its master-level coaching programs and tactics around the globe.

Cary, N.C. – The Pyramid Resource Group, Inc. a globally recognized executive coaching firm headquartered in Cary, N.C., has extended its coaching programs to an ever-growing list of countries overseas. Now it’s adding two more countries to the list: Russia and the Ukraine.

Pyramid began its international presence in 2001 when they conducted a series of coaching workshops in Mexico and Brazil. In 2002, it offered a certification course in Switzerland on its proprietary team coaching program, The Extraordinary Game. Professional coaches from Germany, France, Switzerland and the U.K. attended.

To add to its international outreach, one of its master certified coaches, Marcia Reynolds, MCC, recently went on a two-week coaching trip to Russia and the Ukraine as a representative with the International Coach Federation.

“My coaching focuses on how our mental and physical states affect our overall work performance and centers on how managers can coach their employees to stay on track and achieve peak results,” says Reynolds, whose been a coach with The Pyramid Resource Group since 1999 and is past president of the International Coach Federation. “One common denominator among all ethnicities and cultures is that our mental and physical tendencies naturally alter our work performance, but there are effective ways to neutralize this.”

Her first stop was Moscow, Russia where Reynolds presented a seminar at the Russia Coaching Conference, “Coaching for the Health of Your Organization”. Then, Reynolds taught a 2-day class for VimpelCom, the largest telecommunications company in Russia. She concluded her trip in Kiev, Ukraine, focusing on emotional intelligence.

Coaches at Pyramid see the value in extending their coaching services overseas to help foster greater teamwork among companies whose employees are geographically dispersed. Pyramid has conducted several coaching workshops and training programs for multinational corporations in England, Brazil, Mexico and Canada.

“We’re always looking to extend our coaching programs to other parts of the world,” says Barry Mitsch, cofounder of The Pyramid Resource Group. “And we’re seeing a growing demand for our services especially from corporations overseas that have a presence in the U.S.”


About The Pyramid Resource Group
Founded in 1994 by DJ and Barry Mitsch, The Pyramid Resource Group is a globally recognized executive leadership coaching firm that helps forward-thinking corporations reach new levels of leadership success. Our coaching programs are designed using effective techniques, strategies, and ground-breaking organizational development programs specific to industry requirements. Pyramid offers one of the highest levels of expertise and experience in executive leadership coaching nationwide. We empower business executives to achieve higher company performance and greater understanding of their leadership role. To learn more visit:

The Pyramid Resource Group, Inc

1020 Southhill Drive, Suite 150
Cary, NC 27513
”Coaching for Extraordinary Results”

We’re surrounded by examples of great, and not-so-great, teamwork

We’re surrounded by examples of great, and not-so-great, teamwork. Recently I flew to Los Angeles, visited relatives, took in a parade with floats, bands and street performers, saw a football game and attended an opera. Countless teams made it all possible, whether on stage or back stage, seen or unseen. You too are a part of a variety of teams. How well you work together tells me how successful you are. Are you teaming with success?

True teamwork takes time and a willingness to contribute to the greater good of the team, as opposed to only looking out for number one. It begins with a desire to work on behalf of the group. Examine your motives. In successful teams, when the teams win their teammates too reap the rewards. Ineffective teams are often betrayed by selfish team members whose individual goals supersede their team’s goals.

Among the hallmarks of effective teams, whether in sales or service environments:

• A shared vision of the mission of the team and its goals

• Willingness to meld one’s individual talents for the betterment of the team

• Clear communication in both directions: between team leader and team members, and amongst members themselves

• Ample appreciation of individual differences within one’s team

• Recognition and reward of team members for their efforts

I have chaired boards of directors, coached basketball teams domestically and internationally, and managed talented and not so talented groups within and beyond high-tech. I know from experience that lines of authority alone do not guarantee dedication, loyalty and a shared sense of team play. Similarly, I have been a member of functional and dysfunctional teams and have seen first-hand that talent alone doesn’t guarantee success. Successful teams are about a coming together of talent, a melding of minds and mindsets, and an ability to focus on the big picture.

Team members seek the following:

• To be heard

• To feel important

• To be valued, appreciated and recognized

• An opportunity to express individuality

These can all occur on well-led teams, without sacrificing the team spirit. It’s a mistake to believe that the best team leaders treat everyone the same way. Realistically, not everyone wants nor needs to be treated the same way. Whether in sales or service situations, many team members are self-motivated. They are self-starters who want the keys to the car and then ask that you step away from the curb. Other team members want and need reassurance, support and a little hand-holding. Neither is right nor wrong. But each excels when treated the way they most want to be treated.

Team leaders should strive to achieve the following:

• A clear vision of the team’s goals and objectives that they consistently articulate

• Appreciation of who each team member is and how to relate to them:

personality, temperament, strengths and weaknesses and style

• Cohesion through regular communication

• Support for each team member

• Recognition for members’ accomplishments and group milestones

Teamwork is developed over time. Day by day your team can strengthen itself through experience and the natural relationships that occur over time. With time and attention to these tips, soon your group will be teaming with success!

– Read about Craig’s popular interactive presentation Teaming with Success:

– Download a small PDF file describing Craig’s Teaming with Success


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