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What would you do if you saw your best friend stealing company property

What would you do if you saw your best friend stealing company property? Unfortunately this is a big problem that cost companies millions of dollars every year.

Why would a person with a great job, benefits and job security steal? There are countless excuses and none of them are acceptable. I felt I wasn’t being paid what I am worth, bills are overwhelming, need money for tires on my car and to feed my family to name a few.

We all at one time or another face financial issues and stealing will never resolve the problem. The sad thing frequently is that associates are observing this and make the wrong decision. It’s my friend and I know they need the job, I will talk with them and have them put it back. That isn’t the right decision; you are now as guilty as the person stealing.

 When someone steals they are stealing from the company, stockholders and the associates of the company. This means that they are stealing from you and friends don’t steal from one another.

The only correct decision is to immediately report someone that is stealing to a person of authority. I sincerely believe in recognizing associates that have the moral courage to make the right decision. They have exhibited outstanding moral character and the type of leader I am looking for to put in positions of increased responsibility.

Prosecution should be mandatory and there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that you will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. It is the greatest deterrent you have to keep honest people honest and thieves will have no desire to be a part of your company. 

Brain based coaching www

Brain Based Coaching

Brain based coaching: Neuroscience and coaching

The Orange Academy ( is one of the front runners of executive coaching and life coaching in India. The organization has in its fold world class coaches with sizeable experience and insights at the leadership levels. Their expertise gives The Orange Academy an edge to provide the best of coaching results. The academy endeavors to bring about positive behavioral changes in as many individuals as possible, thereby assisting in their overall growth. This in turn would contribute significantly to the growth of the organization.

The Orange Academy offers executive coaching, life coaching and cross cultural coaching in India and abroad. It also assists budding coaching professionals refine their skills through a coach mentoring program brought by accredited coaches of international repute.


Coaching as a process is to a large extent relates to the changes one desires for oneself. An “inside- outside” approach is what defines the way coaching functions. For this, the most pivotal aspect is for the coached to understand and feel the need for change. For neuroscience, change is a new experience, a new connection in the brain. There are several theories about the brain being slow and not able to take up any newer and livelier tasks after a certain age due to the element of stagnation. 

Latest research in neuroscience has shown that the brain has extraordinary capacity to change at all ages. A capability now named neuroplasticity; it has validated that the brain is programmed to change at all ages. New experience, focused attention and conscious effort can help the process of change.

Coaching is all about rhythmically moving towards insights which makes one a better individual and then hardwiring them for self progress. Studies have authenticated that coaching helps an individual create positive connections (read insights) for better growth and also assist in hardwiring them so that it becomes the most valuable long term asset. 

Remarkable insights happen when one goes through the process of exploring and experiencing. Coaching helps one gain those valuable insights in the areas of their choice. Hardwiring as a process is the result of self integrity, focused attention and repetitive action. That is why majority of our coaching sessions are about “combat”! During the process of evolving, as we (the coached and the coach) get new insights, we convert them into action which helps hardwire the insight!

Contact The Orange Academy

For further information and understanding on brain based coaching and our coaching process please do feel free to contact us at or visit us at

The internet has made it possible for anyone and everyone to position them self as a leader – all that’s needed is a subject which a good number of people feel strongly about but which lacks knowledge, proper structure and leadership

The internet has made it possible for anyone and everyone to position them self as a leader – all that’s needed is a subject which a good number of people feel strongly about but which lacks knowledge, proper structure and leadership.

A MLM leader does not usually have to invent a problem; he just needs to notice it, do something about it and position himself in front of the problem. Not everyone will follow; but a few people will – as long as you do the following:

Creating Value

So, the first step in becoming a leader and being successful at network marketing is to create something of value – something that solves a particular problem that people have. It could be relating to anything from building relationships on Facebook and Twitter to generating leads and closing prospects.

The important point here is that the value that you are offering should be unique and should make life easier, better and richer for your followers.

If you specialize in a particular marketing niche then take as much time as you need to look around and take note of people’s problems – visit social media networks, start conversations and ask open, honest and piercing questions.

Once you have spotted a particular problem which no one has noticed, you can then start developing your product and service accordingly.

Brand YOU

The second step in becoming a leader would be to create a strong network marketing campaign to promote YOU and not your business. Along with having a powerful presence on social marketing websites and forums, it is important here to have a givers mindset instead of a takers mentality.

What do I mean by that? Simply, create something that you know is worth a hundred dollars and offer it for that favorite four letter word – FREE. Offer lots of free giveaways, videos, articles and free trials.

This will cause people to ask themselves, “If I am getting so much value for free then what would I get if I paid money and bought the actual product?” The fact of the matter is that valuable information is viral and it beats spam marketing clich?s all ends up.


The third and final step to becoming a leader is to keep your ear to your follower’s hearts. Answer their questions, listen to their concerns and genuinely try to help them out.

Doing this also has a promoting side to it for instance, if you have just done a Webinar in which the partakers asked heaps of great questions, you can decide to put both questions and answers up on your internet site as an article, video or possibly even a product.

But the most vital reason why you should listen and make a response to your proponents is because it then permits you to develop better and more customer-focused price and content which finally positions you as the leader that folk are looking out for in the MLM industry.

Pei and wind energy certainly are a hand in glove fit as anyone who lives here will attest

PEI and wind energy certainly are a hand in glove fit as anyone who lives here will attest. Although put on hold due to the downturn in the economy, production of power on PEI, to be marketed on the northeastern US seaboard, will undoubtedly be “a go” in the future.

PEI has a definite plan in place to increase its own reliance on wind energy as well. Currently approximately 18% of electrical energy used in PEI is wind generated, however there are calls to increase this to 30% by 2013. That means that PEI will need to generate 500 megawatts of wind energy by that time. It is estimated that this represents a $1 billion capital expenditure with an economic spin-off worth $40 million per year.

The western tip of the island around Tignish/North Cape was the first area on PEI to see wind farm development. In 2001 an eight wind turbine farm was started and in 2003 it was doubled to include 16 wind turbines. This installation produced a little better than 60 Megawatts of energy, enough to power over 25,000 homes. The PEI Energy Corp, a provincially owned company, then added a second wind farm on the eastern end of the island to produce a further 30 megawatts of wind power.

In addition to these public installations, private companies from Europe, where wind energy is well developed have expressed interest in PEI real estate as a site for further wind energy sites. As well, private individuals on the island are beginning to think in terms of erecting turbines on their properties to produce power for their own homes as well as supplying Maritime Electric, the island’s power company, with surplus power during peak periods. Cities have shown an interest as well. Stratford has indicated an interest in adding a wind generator to supply power to public buildings.

With all this interest PEI can expect economic spinoffs in terms of both increased taxes and increased jobs during construction. PEI is a rural province, the smallest of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories, with a full-time population of around 140,000. There is both a public and political desire to protect the environment.

However there will be challenges to face. Wind farms have been proposed in areas where residents have protested strongly against “having wind turbines in their back yards”. Even if wind farms are relegated to the tips of the island, PEI real estate is populated such that most land is private and the population is spread out evenly over the island; there are few areas that aren’t populated. Even if wind farms are constructed away from denser population areas there is then the problem of high energy transmissions lines. These are of course not problems unique to PEI. Wind energy critics point to problems with energy storage and on-demand need versus wind production issues. It has been suggested that surplus wind energy be converted to hydrogen. However in the foreseeable future it would appear that US markets would be able to use any surplus power PEI would produce.

In a world where the demand for power is ever increasing, PEI is blessed with the potential as a power producer thanks to the island being subject to considerable winds. Hopefully that which is a problem in winter, with storms, created by snowfall blown around by wind, can be turned to our advantage.

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