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In this magnetic sponsoring review, i want to share some inside news on what you can expect from the magnetic sponsoring course, and why picking up this book (a physical product) could change the way you do business online as a mlm network marketer

In this magnetic sponsoring review, I want to share some inside news on what you can expect from the magnetic sponsoring course, and why picking up this book (a physical product) could change the way you do business online as a mlm network marketer.

The #1 Reason why MOST MLM Network marketers FAIL is…

In the magnetic sponsoring course, you will find that one of the major reasons why most mlm network marketers fail big time, is because:

They’re promoting their mlm network market business opportunity and products on the front end

If you’re doing this, you’re asking for an early retirement from this business. The kind of retirement where you are forced to close shop and go back to working a traditional 9 to 5.

This is by far the quickest way to spend your way out of business, leaving a sour taste in your mouth.

Consider this quote from the google adwords master Perry Marshal:

“Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes- NOT information about drills!”

What does the Magnetic sponsoring course teach?

The Magnetic Sponsoring course is about leadership and personal development. It’s about developing (or tapping into) a system that sales information products, giving your distributors the information they need to be successful before they’re introduced to your business opportunity.

This is KEY.

It’s like a grease slid. You sell a quick information product on the front end like the magnetic sponsoring course, and with the leads you generate from the course, you can call your highly qualified leads to offer them help and introduce them to you and your business opportunity.

Putting an end to cold calling, hotel meetings, or relationship destroying house parties.

This all happens automatically for you in the magnetic sponsoring course system, sorting out all the tire kickers and spitting back out quality leads for your business. It’s a nice little free bonus Mike Dillard offers it’s course buyers, and it is worth 12x the asking price alone.

So, what is my verdict for the magnetic sponsoring review?

Overall, on a scale of 1 through 10, I would rate it a 8 in value to you and helping you fill in the missing puzzles to this jigsaw we call mlm network marketing.

And a 9 for the marketability and ease of use to introduce to your leads, prospects and downline. Putting an extra 20 to 150+ dollars in your product for every Mike Dillard Course your leads and prospects purchase.

The course sells itself, and there is no reason for you not to pick up the magnetic sponsoring course if you are at all serious about running a successful mlm network marketing business.

If you enjoyed this magnetic sponsoring review, Check out the resource box below for a short  video tutorial on how to best use magnetic sponsoring to generate endless leads and prospects for your business

Can you hear me now

Can You Hear Me Now?

The truth is we can’t follow them unless our leaders are heard. They may have the most valuable information to lay down but if we can’t understand what they’re saying it doesn’t matter.

I find it frustrating when I’m listening to a Webinar and the speaker’s voice is loud then it’s quiet. I turn the speaker up, and turn it down.

As an audio technician what I find most grating is when the speaker’s voice is so close to the ceiling (means they’re approaching overdrive {means they’re almost distorting}) that it’s almost painful to listen. I’m so distracted because I know when they get excited “BAM!” the most important thing they had to say is lost to everyone.

Loud and Clear

During a ‘Leadership Branding’ Webinar with Mark Hoverson I realized that most of the people who communicate through the internet are either using the built in condenser microphones on their laptops or a $9.99 ‘cheapoid’ that plugs into the 1/8th inch microphone input jack.

Mark was blown away when he heard my voice and it seemed like the entire focus went sideways for a moment.

While most people aren’t that concerned with the quality of their voices over the internet, anyone who’s putting themselves forth as a leader, has a vested interest in the quality of their voice. Leaders are heard.

If you’re teaching through Webinars or recording videos for the purpose of teaching, being understood is the most important point.

It Isn’t The Internet

I’ve experienced poor audio quality both in live Webinar settings as well as recorded instructional videos. While most of these professionals understand the benefit of a professionally produced video or DVD for marketing or education, they haven’t made the connection to the every day communication to their team or for live training purposes.

I can’t speak for all computers but the majority with built in condenser microphones don’t perform any better than the ‘cheapiod’ mentioned above. Analog to digital conversion works best outside the computer.

USB Audio Interface

The USB audio interface followed a natural pattern established in the digital recording environment. Changing audio signals to digital signals outside of the computer allowed for better signal quality. The first interfaces were designed to work directly into PCI slots for PC’s and Firewire ports for MAC.

I’ve posted a short video on my Blog ( explaining how using a USB Audio Interface can dramatically improve the audio quality into and out of your computer. If you take your business with you and conduct meetings from hotel rooms, the USB Microphones shown won’t take a lot of packing space.

This investment isn’t for everyone but we all know when our leaders are heard and when they’re not. They won’t be offended if you share this article with them. Leaders know how to listen as well.

Having said that, if you want to be heard and recognized, I was… I wasn’t expecting it, but as soon as I opened my mouth to say can you hear me, it was a show stopper.

Get heard… get a USB audio interface.

Don’t drag lots of people into your attempts at organizational conflict resolution

Don’t drag lots of people into your attempts at organizational conflict resolution. Remember that too many cooks can spoil the broth. When you have a lot of people involved in a situation you are bound to have gossip, and that never helps anything. 
Additionally, avoid engaging in an on-the-spot shouting match. Set a specific time and place to meet regarding the conflict, and then give yourself a chance to cool down, reflect, and organize your thoughts before meeting with the team member and a facilitator to resolve your conflict in a productive and mature manner.

There are quite a few people who have a drinking problem and want to get a hold of it before it affects every part of their lives, including their health, work, and relationships

There are quite a few people who have a drinking problem and want to get a hold of it before it affects every part of their lives, including their health, work, and relationships.  Many of these people have been through twenty-eight day rehabilitation programs, and have attended twelve-step meetings, but continue to relapse.  The belief is that business people often find meetings at relapse-prevention programs inaccessible, as a majority of twelve-step meeting participants do not share a mentality or experience that is in any way similar to those who work in a professional setting. In short, they feel that they just do not “fit in.”     

That is where Golf to Recovery comes in.  This, Atlanta-based, day program offers people the chance to join a group that understands the importance of recovery, and the demands of professional life. It allows participants the chance to change their lifestyle, and fill their newly found free time with a healthy, productive activity.  Participants are given daily golf instruction at an upscale facility, with recommended accommodations near-by.  Each day of the program includes a nine-hour block of assigned activities, ending with a “Golfers in Recovery” twelve-step meeting.      

Each participant in the Golf to Recovery program is given individual attention.  Clients are instructed in golf etiquette, the rules of the game, and swing improvement.  The ratio of clients to instructors is three to one at all times, and the outstanding facility in which the instruction takes place includes an eighteen hole course, as well as both an outdoor and indoor range (in case of inclement weather). In addition, there is a custom golf shop for clients’ specific needs.     

First, golfers are, evaluated by the program’s staff, using both state of the art digital equipment and the experience of expert golf instructors.  Staff members at Golf to Recovery have more than thirty years of experience in golf instruction, as well as thirty years of experience with recovery.     

It has been observed that a golfer’s performance is misleadingly stronger on the range than on the course.  For this reason, Golf to Recovery evaluates its participants while they are on the course. This gives the most accurate reading of where improvement is needed.  After evaluation, an individualized course of instruction for golf improvement is prescribed for each client to use, throughout his time in the program. The program is based on two nationally recognized programs of CBS Sports, “Break 100 in 90 Days,” and “Take 10 Strokes off Your Game.”     

This program will improve the quality of its participants’ lives, as well as their golf game. Participants are welcome to join the program for as long as they feel it necessary.  The program is based on a daily fee that is substantially lower than the fee for standard, twenty-eight day drug/alcohol rehabilitation programs.       

Golf to Recovery’s philosophy is that the life-enhancing principles associated with those who overcome addiction can also be found in golf.  The game of golf requires honesty, hope, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, consideration of others, self-discipline, and perseverance.  Without ethical players, the game cannot be played successfully.  The twelve-step program also utilizes the above principles in day-to-day living.     

Also, those who want to improve their golf game need to spend time learning the fundamentals of the game.  There are many hardworking men out there who need to fill their free time doing something they enjoy, once they are in recovery.  For those who are sports-minded, golf instruction is an ideal energy-outlet. By joining this program you not only improve your golf game, but you also improve your life. 

For more information one can visit the web site at: or call 770-330-3879.

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