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A powerful mind is the foundation of career success, and hence the key focus of executive training

A powerful mind is the foundation of career success, and hence the key focus of executive training.

History abounds with highly intelligent and talented individuals who failed to achieve the level of success equivalent to their innate capabilities. On the contrary, many super successful individuals in human history epitomize the most common and critical success factor: Will Power – a quality not related with intelligence, talents or education, but born of the perfect mastery of inner strength. The inner strength is found in the mind.

Good leadership skills are critical in any career that revolves around human interactions -which is literally all kinds of career. Hence, the key aspect of executive training is in building good leadership skills.

Good leadership skills encompass more than technical skills and expertise knowledge. Great corporate leaders demonstrate exceptional personal qualities that stem from their inner strength. The common denominator among these successful corporate leaders is their highly empowered mind, which is capable of directing inner resources to overcome challenges during critical situations.

With an empowered mind, great leaders lead people into massive action to achieve massive success. They are able to exercise personal power through the effective use of three critical mind skills: Will Power, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline.

People with strong Will Power have the ability to direct the power of their mind. Children often demonstrate perfect examples of what having a strong will means. Their pure and focused minds lend them to showing amazing strong will in whatever things they desire. As adults, we have learned all the rules and restrictions acceptable in the society. We learned how to exercise self-control, and ended up forgetting how and when to release this self-control mechanism that is deeply ingrained in our mind.

While children display willful behaviors due to their lack of knowledge of discrimination, we adult need to do some unlearning to deliberately harness this innate will power. Even though old entrenched beliefs may weaken our will power, this new awareness can help you to consciously recall your inborn will power. If you can direct your own mind to focus all its resources and be free from any distractions, you can develop a strong will and a powerful personality. A focused mind strengthens the will and self-confidence by increasing concentration and eliminating self-doubts. Good leadership skills require an empowered mind that can focus its thought effectively without getting distracted.

Self-Confidence comes from the subtlest level of the mind. It is the state of mind that is completely free of conflict. Looking at Anthony Robbins performing on the stage, you can feel his unlimited confidence that comes from the unshakable belief in his knowledge of expertise. There are no conflicts and self-doubts existing in his subconscious mind. Confidence need not necessarily be built upon success. The genuine confidence is all within us, if only we could shut out all the self-doubts that are all too pervasive. If our mind is strong and focused, we can ward off self-doubts and build good leadership skills.

Self-Discipline is another critical factor of leadership success. It may conjure a daunting notion that we have to go against our will to do things we don’t like. With knowledge of mind power, self-discipline can be transformed from a daunting task to a blissful activity that flows naturally with alignment of your mind, body and soul. It is simply creating the ability to do what you really want to do. Understanding the way the mind works, we can utilize the power of habits to instill self-discipline. As we develop self-discipline leveraging on the power of habits, we build good leadership skills.

Every human mind has enormous power. The success in life of individuals varies according to how effectively they utilize their mind power. In that regard, mind power development is probably the most critical part of executive training that builds long-term career success. Even if you have no inclination for leadership among people, you should be the leader of your life. Whatever way you may define success, the critical factor is found in your mind power. Any daily exercises that you do to develop your mind power will yield dividend to your life as well as career over a long time.

Developing our Will Power, Self-Confidence and Self-Discipline are the critical part of executive training to build good leadership skills. These mind skills will go a long way to building a successful life and career.

Many of us should put a little thought into what it is that we want to achieve by proving that we are right and, thus, that others are plainly wrong

Many of us should put a little thought into what it is that we want to achieve by proving that we are right and, thus, that others are plainly wrong.  Most of the times what happens is that we win a quarrel but lose an acquaintance, even a friend.  We seriously should stop to ask ourselves why is it that we deviate so much from our goals when we feel challenged or afraid.

Every intelligent professional knows that when we deal with people, be it to provide a service for a client, negotiate a contract, or motivate an employee, if we make them feel worthy they will care a lot for what we have to say; however, as soon as they utter a word in the wrong direction, it is very difficult for us to stop ourselves from letting them know how wrong they are, with the inevitable consequence: our power to inspire is gone, and we are just left with a discussion between our hands.

This is possibly the most common way to boycott ourselves, as human beings, and our businesses.  Maybe we are just being human; maybe it is in our nature to be foolish, so, how do we move beyond needing to be right to the point where we truly show we care for others and our business?  

There are studies that have tested thousands of communicators and identified a common practice among the most successful ones. These people work to not make others be wrong.  And, how exactly do they do it?

These successful communicators lowered their expectations of the others’ behaviors before meeting with them.  As it turns out, this lowered the chance of making a big deal out of what was said during the climax of the conversation.  These communicators consciously decided to arrive to a meeting not to make the person be wrong but to focus on the areas where he or she was knowledgeable and had a good point.  Eventually, when the time came and these people showed less than perfect understanding, the communicators were able to react calmly and get the best out of the situation.

This may not sound ‘business professional’ to some, until you stop to think that it is much better than the alternative: putting yourself into a communication fight to prove who is the cleverest, most intelligent, and wisest person in the room.  You can be right, but you most definitely don’t need to make others be wrong to prove it.

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There is one skill that every employee needs to develop, and that is communication

There is one skill that every employee needs to develop, and that is communication. If you are an employer, any investment you make in training your employees as well as managers in effective communication will repay you many times over in terms of improved customer service, presentations, speech delivery and persuasive writing that your employees will be able to perform. Although there are several types of delivery methods for communication training, many companies have discovered the advantages that come through the use of webinars. Webinars can be used in a variety of ways to increase your employee’s communication skills.

A webinar is a seminar that is presented live on the Internet. The many benefits of using a webinar format for a training class include the flexibility it offers. If your company’s organization is spread out across the nation, or spans several areas around the world, everyone can participate in a webinar without leaving their offices, because of the Internet access. Some class offerings are also prerecorded, so that employees whom you wish to participate in the training may do so at their convenience, alleviating wasted work time. The Internet also makes it easy for you to procure nationally recognized speakers located anywhere in the country for a more cost-effective training with no reduction in quality.

In terms of how to best build effective leadership skills there are communication skills training to meet every business need. Webinar presentations are available to increase your employee and manager’s presentation skills. Tactics for overcoming nerves, delivery strategies, using visual aides as well as dealing with the question and answer session at the end are available through webinar training.

Perhaps you would like to provide exceptional training to help managers communicate more effectively in business meetings and ordinary business conversations. Webinars can provide the tools your employees need to master this important skill.

People who work in customer relations or customer service benefit from communications training. Webinars that cover such topics as dealing with difficult customers will enable your workers to resolve complaints more quickly while satisfying more customers.

Workers and managers who can get the job done will often rely on their writing skills to do so. Specialized training that delves into the area of writing so that the reader can understand your meaning quickly and easily will help your employees succeed at their jobs. A writing training class can also offer tips that make written communication go faster for the author, which will improve worker efficiency.

Communication also involves listening. All employees and managers must develop a high degree of skill in listening in order to understand not only those with whom they work but clients on whom your business success depends. Listening skills can be sharpened with appropriate webinar training.

Marketing through service – leadership and decision making during a recession y ou may ask the question what is the difference between leadership and decision making during today’s recession and yesterday

Marketing Through Service – Leadership And Decision Making During A Recession


You may ask the question what is the difference between leadership and decision making during today’s recession and yesterday?


Yesterday’s leader who made a wrong decision could get away with it. If your company had sales or service revenue (good cash flow) and a good credit rating, you could carry on business with less profit, or borrow your way out of the problem. Either way the company carried on doing business, but with less profit, less return to the shareholders and usually a lower stock price.


Let’s talk about the recession for a moment. First of all, there were a few companies and even fewer people that saw this coming and adjusted their business plan or personal portfolio accordingly. The rest of the companies and others unfortunately had a rude awakening. As they say, it is too late to close the barn door once the horse has left for greener pastures! As we all know now (politely put, when the rubber hit the road) everyone, has faced or is facing the “Credit Crunch”. The blame game will go on for some time, but that does not help us now, we need the way out plan to take over!

Poor decisions happen in good and bad times, no business is ever immune. However this is where responsible leadership comes in. A good leader, one with excellent communication and people skills will, thoroughly analyze the problem with the help of his/her key team members. The team will figure out what went wrong and come up with the necessary solutions. The team will put in measures to prevent a repeat performance of the problem in the future.

As the credit crunch loosens and the world wide business community starts to settle down again (this will take a year or two in my opinion) the businesses that have survived will be much stronger in every way. The real beneficiary will be the shareholders. Many executives who haven’t already, will loose their jobs due to the poor decisions they have made. But as businesses restructure and re-brand, new leadership will rise. These new leaders will look back on history and that will give them a clear picture on how new business will survive and flourish in today’s and tomorrow’s economy.

You do not have to look far for the answers, as it all revolves around “The Customer” and how we treat them! As I have said many times before, without customers, we have absolutely nothing!


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