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Everyone suffers from a shortage of time

Everyone suffers from a shortage of time. No matter how effective we try to be, there simply is not enough time to do all that is required. In this era, the demands made upon people is greater than in any other generation. Financial burdens necessitate both parents working. Since those hours are spent outside the home, household duties such as chores and child rearing must be done after work hours. This problem is magnified is one is the unfortunate position of having to work multiple jobs.

The workforce has also experienced a change. It was once proclaimed that technology would make our lives simpler. However, research is showing that this theory was wrong. All the extra gadgets that we now utilize only creates more work for us. At the same time, companies are trying to get by with less personnel. Today, a project will be handled by two people whereas it was done by three in the past. People simply need to get more done to remain competitive.

As a culture, we have spent untold money on better time management strategies. While helpful, it seems all these programs had minimal impact on the problem. They did allow us to get more done in a shorter period of time. However, being able to get everything done is still not possible. The reality of life today is that you will not accomplish all the activities set before you on a daily basis.

Accepting that there will be tasks left undone is the first step in managing you life. It is simply impossible to accomplish everything. There must be some trade-offs. This can be done by better strategies of prioritizing. By deciding what you prefer to focus upon while eliminate other things that are less important will allow you to lead a fulfilled life.

The easiest way to prioritize is to ask yourself a simple question. This process will focus your mind what really needs to be done. It is especially helpful if you happen to get sidetracked during the day. When this occurs, just ask ‘what is the most productive thing I can be doing at this moment’? You conclusion will establish the priority for the present moment.

We all have certain tasks that must be handled. Making sure that these are the first things accomplished allows us to significantly improve our lives. Most people tend to concentrate on those activities that do not have great importance in their lives. Anthony Robbins calls it ‘majoring in minor things’. Since time eventually becomes a factor, they end up leaving the higher impact tasks incomplete.

Completing a series of unimportant activities will only lead you to being a busy person. Most people do not sit around idly doing nothing. By attending to a multitude of things, they justify that they are doing all they can yet cannot seem to get ahead. However, success on a regular basis eludes them. There are certain things that the successful get accomplished. These are the items that are of high priority to them. It is as if their ‘to do’ list is inverted when compared to the average person. The guarantee that the important tasks are completed by doing them first.

Developing the habit of concentrating on the most productive action instantly moves you towards the success mentality. Ask yourself often, ‘is this the best possible use of my time right now’ many times throughout the day. You will find that the tasks you were putting off seem to rise to the surface while the low impact items drop down on the list. Maximizing the use of our time is a concept that weighs heavily on success. Remember, time is the one thing that everyone shares equally in. It is how we utilize it that creates the difference.

Are you a professional who has a strong desire to work through your career and advance through the ranks of your unique organization

Are you a professional who has a strong desire to work through your career and advance through the ranks of your unique organization? Do you have a strong desire to become a leader in your company and have a ton of responsibility? If you answered yes then you may consider the position of CEO. In this article, we will discuss the role of a CEO and the things you should keep in mind if you want to become a CEO. Are you ready? Let’s begin. First of all, you must have lofty goals. Most people plan a level or two above their current level and choose tasks they feel will get them there. If you hold the lofty goals of becoming Chief Executive Officer though you need to take a much more holistic approach to your job selection. Understanding the Role of the CEO is absolutely critical to those who hold that lofty ambition. Even if you fall short of ever becoming CEO though thinking about your career in terms of what you need to do to become CEO will most certainly help prepare you for a Vice President Role. Second, you must understand that as a CEO, the buck stops with you. In most of your other roles throughout your career you will have a domain of influence and a domain of control. For higher-level decisions though you will always refer to someone above you. As CEO there is no one above you. The board will be there for consultation but at the end of the day the difficult decisions are yours to make. You can consult both the board and others in your organization but the responsibility of the decisions are yours and yours alone. Given this your preparation for sitting in that position of power is by necessity quite extensive. Third, in preparing for a role as CEO you have a few different areas you need to focus on including depth of knowledge, breadth of knowledge, leadership, and the ability to market or sell your unique product or service offering. If anyone of these pieces is missing then you face a serious uphill battle in the leadership role. As CEO you bear ultimate responsibility for all aspects of your company and so you should spend some time in roles that expose you to research and development, marketing, sales, customer service, and operations. Having this broad expertise will allow you to have credibility and will ensure others respect and follow your lead. Keep in mind that you only gain this breadth and depth by holding management level positions in several different areas of your organization before progressing to the top job. To gain this knowledge and expertise, always make sure that you embrace roles that may be a stretch for you so that you get used to operating outside your normal area of expertise. Finally and most importantly you should spend a good part of your career as a people manager and focus on honing the skills of people management. In conclusion, at the end of the day in understanding the role of the CEO the most important thing to remember is that you are the ultimate manager in the organization and your ability to delegate and motivate others will be the source of your success or failure. Good luck! For more information on CEO’s, visit and

Pre-paid legal services, inc

Pre-paid legal services, inc. is the most widely known company that offers legal expense plans. There are other company’s but Pre-paid legal services is the oldest. They have been in business since the early 70’s.

I was sold a prepaid legal membership two years ago by a friend. The way he explained the membership to me was that it was a life events legal plan. This meant that Pre-paid legal’s membership is designed to keep customers out of legal trouble before it gets too big. Prepaid legal offer’s a range of services from legal consultation, letters and phone calls on your behalf, contract and document reviews, wills, power of attorney’s, moving traffic violations, lawsuits, audit’s, and will’s.

When I got my membership I didn’t have a will and I was too afraid to try to fill it out myself without an attorney so that part of the membership was a plus. for more also liked the fact that I had help with speeding tickets. There are alot of speed traps in South Carolina where I reside so that part of the membership gave me peace of mind.

However, I think the most POWERFUL part of prepaid legals membership is legal consultation. For a measly $17.00 a month I have an entire law firm on retainer for legal advice. If I need to speak to a tax attorney, real estate attorney, family law attorney, criminal attorney, etc. I can talk with them without worrying about being billed.

I run a small business and need access to advice throughout the year. The business consultation I have received has saved me loads of time and money.

$17.00 x 12 months = $204.00 a year.

Is a Prepaid Legal membership a ripoff? That all depends on how you view your membership.

There are exclusions to prepaid’s memberships that will not give you FREE coverage for some of the most popular legal problems. “Divorce”, “Child Custody”, “Bankruptcy”, and “Drugs and Alchohol”. Customers can still get help they are just offered a discount of 25%. This is where you see the most complaints to a Pre-paid legal membership for visit are either oversold on how to use the membership or they believe they should have all their legal problems covered FREE of charge for $204.00 a year.

Friends, this is planet earth. This is not middle earth.

There is NO way a law firm can do everything for you for free.

To date my Pre-paid legal membership has saved me over $500.00 and in just two years of service. My attorney’s have also saved me time off my job for traffic violations and having to go to court.

In my opinion a Prepaid legal membership is not a ripoff, but then again this is coming from just one satisfied customer.

Laws are not self-enforcing

Laws are not self-enforcing. Those to whom they are directed need to understand what they mean to them. Parliament generally just passes laws and then expects others to communicate their content – generally through the media, specifically when individuals seek legal advice, and diffusely through word of mouth. Good legislative practice should consider the means by which the content is communicated.

Ethics and integrity bodies within line agencies, particularly those with a high potential for corruption

? A process for appointing special commissions of investigation in which the commissioners are appointed by a bi-partisan process

? An independent audit office

? A local government oversight office

? Free and fair elections

? An empowered community

In addition to the above ‘government’ institutions, it is also important that other institutions be present and active in playing their roles. Each of these should have their own integrity system to maximize the chance that they will fulfill their functions within the national integrity system/ethics regime and live up to the justifications for the various privileges that they generally possess:

? An independent bar

? A free and diverse press

? Active professions -especially journalists and lawyers

? Active nongovernmental organizations

? Independent academic institutions

Political parties play a critical role in the operation of democracies. By putting alternative agendas to the electorate and being responsible for their delivery, they are a necessary part of any integrity system. However, they also provide some of greatest opportunities for corruption. It is thus critical that integrity systems are in place to maximize the chances that they play that critical role, rather than act as a conduit through which cash can corrupt government policy and trump democracy.

The answers include a mix of measures to reduce the reliance on political donations and to make those that remain transparent! The real problem of political donations is posed when we ask the simple question: would rational donors give donations without an expectation of return? Where donors are corporations who otherwise insist on their sole responsibility to increase shareholder wealth, a ‘yes’ answer makes one wonder how they believe they are increasing the wealth of their shareholders!

The institutional means to ensure that political parties play their role need constant updating to deal with those who will seek to get around them. The temptations to abuse are so great that ethical.

This transparency may have to go so far as all meetings between donors and either party officials or members of political parties holding political office and appointees of political parties.

However, it is necessary to emphasize the central role of ethics in this issue to co-ordinate legal and institutional reform. Politicians should be conscious of the critical role they play in a democracy and seek to live up to that role and make the subversion of that role a major issue.It is these three components together with other parameters make their actions or intents.

To understand this phenomenon it is necessary to identify a number of concepts with common points.

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