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I was at a clients company last week and heard a brief hallway conversation as i was waiting for my lunch appointment

I was at a clients company last week and heard a brief hallway conversation as I was waiting for my lunch appointment. The gist of what was said sounded like two people in a war torn country.

I bought lots of canned goods that were on sale just in case I lose my job said person one. The response was Yeah, I know what you mean; I just went to the thrift store to get my kids spring clothes because I am afraid to spend too much money. This went back and forth until they were out of earshot.

When my client and I went to the cafeteria for lunch I was curious, albeit cautious in how I wanted to start the conversation. I was wondering if this organization was in deep trouble, something I may have misjudged. No, we are actually doing quite well. We weathered the economic downturn and now things are bright and sunny. Why do you ask?

I told him about the conversation I had witnesses. There was a sigh and a shrug. There are so many people still in a hoarding mindset. There is still so much fear found at every level of the organization that I really dont know how we should handle it.

The rest of our meeting was both energizing and productive. It focused on employee engagement, collaboration, and cooperation.

Here is the essence of what we discussed:

1. When stress hits the hot button we all revert to patterns we learned in childhood for security and survival.

2. Once these patterns kick in there is an emotional base of fear that keeps us from being our most productive selves.

3. All companies are in a better position to move collaboration forward when they understand this hidden source of anxiety.

4. Collaboration is an emotional connection and will not happen until the team/organization feels safe.

5. Teams/organizations will stall and stay unmotivated if leadership remains in a command and control mode.

6. Helping individuals observe, understand and ultimately transform the patterns of behavior that come from stress will open the blocks to creative collaboration.

7. Before the valves of cooperation and creativity can be opened it is vital for teams to talk together and find ways to talk openly, the only way that trust is developed.

The conversation was very fruitful and hearing the two employees talk about their need to hoard, the fear the economy might just tank again, gave valuable insight into how to help in these days when we all want to get back to business as usual, limit team conflict and activate the best employee engagement, fill companies with high level collaboration, stop office politics, mistrust, and fear of the proverbial wolf at the door.

We are in that half way place, things are better than they were one year ago, yet I believe we are all still regaining our sea legs to move forward with confidence to stay on the creative edge at work.

Why leaders must hold people accountable you are in a position of tremendous responsibility and expected to maintain discipline and adherence to all company policies and procedures

Why Leaders Must Hold People Accountable

You are in a position of tremendous responsibility and expected to maintain discipline and adherence to all company policies and procedures. You don’t have the liberty to pick and choose the ones you feel are important. Everyday you are being observed by your team and the decisions or actions you take.

It is quite easy to allow small things to slide without correction or immediate action. I warn you that this is setting a precedence that will bring you nothing but problems in the future.

Let’s use a true example: Jay is 25 minutes late for work, no phone call informing you he will be late. You are busy and need him, Kitty has been working for 8 hours and you have asked her to stay beyond her shift until Jay arrives. Upon his arrival he tells you he is sorry for being late, you immediately have Kitty clock out and go home. What action did you take with Jay?

If you don’t hold Jay accountable then watch how others start being late or violating company policies. Associates talk with each other more than you may think; the word will get out quickly about his tardiness and your failure to do anything about it.

You also have another problem, what happens when someone else violates policies and you take action on them? I guarantee you are going to be challenged about why are you picking on me, others have done worse than me and you didn’t do anything to them. This could easily turn into a HR nightmare issue for you.

I am not suggesting that you become a tyrant but you have to be fair and consistent. If you treat everyone the same then all will realize your expectations saving you a lot of grief in the future. The example above is true and I purposely used a small issue because that is where it all starts.

Every successful professional can recall the exact moment when the “seed” to succeed was planted by their mentor

Every successful professional can recall the exact moment when the “seed” to succeed was planted by their mentor.

In most cases it was that moment you and someone kind enough to help your career forged a bond in mentorship. That one person you fondly remember as your first (and maybe only) mentor was the catalyst that woke you up to the potential that lay within your mind and soul. Your mentor was the person who showed you what you could become with effort and attentive skills to listen and apply those golden nuggets of advice and wisdom.

Now it is your turn to, “pay it forward” as they say. Where to begin? That eager and youthful face is staring at you with an eagerness that beckons you to help a young and inexperienced soul learn the ropes of the employment market.

Take a deep breath and set your jaw squarely!

Identify and Establish Communication Needs

Tip #1: Always actively listen!

Tip #2: Always be authentic in sharing your thoughts and feelings

Tip #3: Instill accountability and follow up regularly.

Tip #4: Focus on mentee’s learning goals and learning needs

Establish, Address and Foster Social and Professional Needs

Tip #5: Invest and exert effort in establishing a healthy climate for learning.

Tip# 6: Ascertain and exercise multiple methods of communication.

Tip #7: Set aside important one-on-one time with the mentee.

Tip #8: Validate that communication effort is resulting in effective and meaningful learning.

Tip #9: Provide hands-on training and all of the resources available at your disposal.

Tip #10: Remove Power & Command to foster the learning environment. The  mentee must feel he or she can take risks without fear of reprisal. By removing this obstacle (yes, within the mentor/mentee learning enviornment it is!) you remove anxiousness foster a sense of safety and acceptance.

Encourage Mentee to Establish a Record of Experience

Tip #11: by having the mentee keep a journal of his or her mentoring experi1nce they, too, will one day have a record in which to draw upon to “pay it forward.”

Tip #12: Encourage the mentee to express, both verbally and in written form (remember, they have a journal of their experience, right?), their experiences in learning and how they can apply their learning to the work environment and in their personal lives.

Mentoring has been an ongoing practice throughout history and people continue to realize the importance and gratification that comes with investing in others. The intelligent manager will realize that by investing in mentoring those around them they also invest within the organization they all work within. Effective mentoring is a powerful leverage between product and services and human capital — taking care of one serves to support the other two areas that are critical for business prosperity.

And finally, why should you place a high premium on mentoring?

  • Mentoring provides you with a link to the younger generation and what changes are happening within the industry and business sector.
  • Continued rapport with your mentee facilitates a renewal/sharpening of your communicative skills.
  • Mentoring is an excellent vehicle in which to transfer corporate knowledge.
  • Leverage your knowledge and experience to better prepare the organization for the future.
  • You can tailor the transfer of information and knowledge to the most pressing issues and needs of the organization.

And, it feels really wonderful to help another soul.

Try it sometime!

[About the Author:  Phil Robles is an IT professional with over 15 years experience working numerous IT roles within 5 major industries.  He is also a business owner (DaVinciworks™ & SMEOracle™).  Phil is an Air Force veteran, has a B.S. Social Psychology degree from Park University, a Master, Information Systems degree from University of Phoenix, AZ, and is currently working on his Doctorate in Management and Organizational Leadership with a specialty in IT Services, University of Phoenix, AZ.]

Jiu sheng adhere to the floor for many years to promote innovation and enterprise development, business ideas, high-quality services to meet the needs of users, with high-quality product quality to meet the needs of the business style of work in good faith to win customers trust

Jiu Sheng adhere to the floor for many years to promote innovation and enterprise development, business ideas, high-quality services to meet the needs of users, with high-quality product quality to meet the needs of the business style of work in good faith to win customers trust. Jiu Sheng floor at 3.15 Consumer Rights Day is approaching, the general availability of five leading innovation and development of the industry to promote the re-flooring industry to upgrade.
    Integrity Innovation: the industry’s first implementation of the “identity card”
    2010, long-Sheng flooring flooring industry, introduced the first product “identity card” is a flooring product launches industry’s only “identity card” of the enterprise, has been the industry known as the “Corporate reputation management of an innovation.” “The long-Sheng floor identity card” covers the product identification number, product number, long-Sheng woodpecker 4D services, etc., it is to consumers, “informed card”, “check card”, “Service Card.” Jiu Sheng floor introduced the original intention of this is: give the user an ease, a truly enterprise-xian; to the user a transparent, to make enterprises are responsible.
    Service Innovation: Jiu Sheng woodpecker 4D service system
    Jiu-sheng, “woodpecker 4D service system” in the concentration of dozens of service personnel through training, long-Sheng floor more than 230 cities throughout the country, nearly 5,600 professional and technical training for more than received excellent service team, has received long-Sheng flooring professional services staff (induction certificate, qualification certificate), and 3.15 during the period, this group of outstanding customer service team will provide the installation, use and maintenance to provide thoughtful and meticulous full service.
    Style Innovation: American Original Style
    Long-Sheng American flavor in the first quarter to the U.S. red oak, black walnut and Canadian maple led the American home has created a culture based on American flavor floor; long-Sheng American flavor in the second quarter of solid wood composite floor fight Flower floors and large floor-based relief to open the Chinese a new era of popular parquet; long-Sheng American flavor in the third quarter, the general availability of solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring three categories, in order to provide new high-end consumer groups, personalized product.
    Product Innovation: fast-growing eucalyptus wood modification technology
    Long-Sheng floor through technological improvements, planted forests, fast-growing wood of the Eucalyptus wood to produce long-Sheng eucalyptus wood flooring. Jiu Sheng floor flooring industry, the first company in China to produce eucalyptus wood flooring business.
    Technological Innovation: TBT Bionic Technology
    Jiu Sheng researchers floor, after five years, more than a thousand experiments, the successful production of TBT bionic technology, TBT bionic technology Treessun-Bionic-Technology. Jiu Sheng “TBT bionic technology” is not only an innovation in China’s real wood floor, but also leading the solid wood floor of a technological revolution.

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